Andrew Schoultz in Culver City for “LA Intersections”

Our friend Andrew Schoultz just wrapped up a brand new mural on the streets of Culver City to coincide with the opening of the “LA Intersections” exhibition he curated at Castanier Gallery. The famed American artist has a pictorial approach to social and political commentary. Having presented his work in various contexts from museums to

Kenny Scharf’s latest mural at Hiromi Paper in Culver City, CA

Kenny Scharf is well known right back from 1980s where he shown his prominence as a New York artist. Kenny has not excluded himself from commercial collaborations and merchandising, and working as a public domain has expanded his reach as an artist. All over the years, he has has shown his multidisciplinary in clothing design, installations, sculpture, and video as

Greg Simkins Craola New Mural – Los Angeles, USA

American artist Greg Simkins Craola, recently teamed up with Branded Arts and Graphaids store in LA, and created this large impressive mural in Culver City. Taking a break from working on his upcoming animated movie Im Scared: The Movie, the piece was finished in couple of days.In the spirit of his canvas works, this surrealistic image

D*Face “Going Everywhere Fast” New Mural – Culver City, USA

While we last heard from him last November in Malaga (covered), D*Face is now in North America where he just wrapped up this new piece on the streets of Culver City.The London-based street artist spent a few days working on this signature mural which is entitled “Going Everywhere Fast”. This was made possible thanks to

Miss Van & Dan Quintana New Mural in Culver City, USA

French street artist Miss Van teamed up with the Los-Angeles based painter Dan Quintana to work on this new mural in Culver City, California. Organised by Branded Arts, this new piece featuring one of Miss Van’s signature “Poupee” can be seen on Washington Blvd & National in Culver City.Next up for Branded Arts, Meggs, so stay