Cyrcle “Daydreaming With…James Lavelle” Hong Kong Video

Our friends from Cyrcle are just back from the opening of the Simon Burch and James Lavelle (U.N.K.L.E.) curated art show, Daydreaming with… The Hong Kong Edition. Daydreaming with… is rebellious and hip, much like its curators.A multi-sensory experience that is anything but conventional, the exhibition is a subtle explosion of visuals, ambient sounds, textures

“LA Freewalls Inside” Los Angeles Group Show Opening Coverage

Last night in Los Angeles, SAN attended LALA Gallery‘s grand opening with an incredible group show titled “LA Freewalls Inside”. For months, we’ve been following LALA Gallery’s evolution with outdoor murals from RETNA (covered), How & Nosm (covered) and Askew One (covered).The attendees were in for a real treat discovering an insane selection of canvases,

Cyrcle New Street Pieces In London

  After a collaboration with JR in Paris (covered), Cyrcle are back in London to finish their installation at The Audience new offices in Shoreditch.Here are some of the fresh new pieces that can be seen around East London.Check back with us soon for more by Cyrcle…

Cyrcle x JR New Mural In Paris

This afternoon, we spent some time with Cyrcle and JR as they were working on a new mural somewhere on the streets of Paris.After a first sweet collaboration for ParisFreeWalls (covered), the LA – Paris duo delivers a brilliant piece with this new mural which features a different image depending on your perspective. More pictures

Cyrcle x JR New Pieces In Paris, France

Last night, we spent some time in Paris with Cyrcle as they were working on a new collaboration with Parisian artist JR.The first piece features JR’s hand x Cyrcle’s hand and represents the love from LA to Paris.The second piece features the Cyrcle Paris manifesto layered over JR’s iconic eyeball.This is part of the ParisFreeWalls