David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Returning to his origins, monochrome style master and a good friend of ours, David de la Mano, has just finished a personal project of his in an abandoned house around 20km from the centre of Montevideo. Artist is resuming to work in peripheral places, and these series of murals inhabit the house in the process of collapse…

“Dilemma” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Monochrome style master and a good friend of ours, David de la Mano, has just finished a mural called “Dilemma” on the streets of Montevideo. The artwork was done for Festival de Arte Urbano de Montevideo II, and most of the walls painted during the festival were of the women’s prison in the neighbourhood of La Comercial,

David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

Back in 2017 our good friend David de la Mano was invited for a collective artistic project (initiated by Damian Ibarguren Gauthier) which tried to artistically “occupy” an old convent in the centre of Montevideo, and then show off all the work of the artists for a few days before the demolition of this construction to built some

“Prelude” by David de la Mano in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay

At the end of last year our good friend David de la Mano was invited for the first edition of CAMPO GARZÓN ARTFEST in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay. This is yet another monochrome signature style piece by the artist, but this time – with a twist. Only white and grey, no black featured in this mural, which sits

“Dark Swirl” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

David de la Mano is back in Uruguay after his solo show in London for Ciudad en Construcción project curated by Uruguayan architect Muma Sebasti. Artwork called “Dark Swirl” was painted in Buceo barrio in Montevideo. This mural is one of the rarer works by the artist – it’s a circular swirl with black silhouettes migrating inside… Take a

Coverage: David de la Mano Solo Show “Adrift” @ Hang-Up Gallery, London

End of November marked the opening of David de la Mano‘s third solo exhibition at the Hang-Up Gallery in London. Multi-faceted show showcased artist’s brand new collection of acrylic, coffee and inks on canvas and paper. David didn’t stop with just presenting his artworks trough the gallery – he made a pit stop in Brick Lane

“The Wave” by David de la Mano in London

While visiting London for his third solo show, acclaimed Spanish Street Artist David de la Mano had a pleasure to decorate London streets with another addition of “Adrift” series of his works called “The Wave”, somewhere on the corner between Brick Lane and Hanbury Street… David de la Mano paints his haunting figures as shadows looking for

“Skyline mountain” by David de la Mano in Crans, Switzerland

Earlier this month, David de la Mano was invited for Vision Art Festival in Crans, (Valais) Switzerland where he has painted a mural called “Skyline mountain” on an apartment building, above a post office in the heights of Swiss mountains… Not just a black & white piece – this time incorporating some red figures. Take a look at