DZIA creates a new mural in Duffel, Belgium

Constantly on the move around Belgium, DZIA is now in Duffel where he just finished working on a brand new piece.Geared with pink, black and white Spray Paint, the prolific Belgian artist quickly worked his way through this adorable creature which is sure to brighten the day for the locals.Continue reading for more images on

DZIA paints a new piece in Mechelen, Belgium

While you discovered his latest street piece a few days ago, the unstoppable DZIA is back with a new mural, this time around in the city of Mechelen, Belgium.Geared with spray paint and his ladder, the Belgian artist quickly painted this medium-sized wall which is now featuring one of his lovely creatures.Reconvene after the jump

DZIA paints a new mural in Leuven, Belgium

While you discovered “Gold Fox” a few days ago, DZIA is already back with a brand new mural which just appeared somewhere on the streets of Leuven, the capital of the province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish Region, Belgium.Specialising in painting animals on walls, the talented Belgian artist took advantage of the surrounding architecture to

DZIA paints a massive mural in Vilvoorde, Belgium

DZIA recently stopped by the city of Vilvoorde in Belgium where he spent a few hours working on this new piece entitled “Gold Fox”.DZIA is a Belgian artist and something of an enigma in the Antwerp area. A fine artist in every sense, the creations of DZIA range from paintings, through sculpture to taxidermy and