DZIA unveils two pieces in Belgium

Just before taking a well deserved summer break, DZIA used his last remaining gallons of paint to create two brand new artworks in Belgium.As usual with the Belgian muralist, these new pieces are incredibly detailed and features some of his bold geometric lines. Beautiful!Reconvene after the jump to discover more images and then check back

DZIA creates “Splish Splash Elephant” in Mechelen, Belgium

Our friend DZIA is currently back in Belgium where he spent a few hours working on this artwork somewhere on the streets of Mechelen in Belgium.Featuring his signature life-infused technique, the Belgian street artist he brought to life one of his lovely creatures for the locals to enjoy.Reconvene after the jump for a few extra

DZIA paints “Mean Mugging”, its newest piece in Anderlecht, Brussels

Slowly taking over Belgium one wall after another, DZIA is now in Anderlecht where he spent a couple of hours working on this new piece.Known as the machine, the Belgian artist brought a couple of spray cans to create this new creature entitled “Mean Mugging”. Painted using blue and white hues, DZIA brought to life

DZIA paints “Green Wolf”, a new piece in Leuven, Belgium

While we last heard from him in London a few days ago, DZIA is back in Belgium where he just finished working on a new piece somewhere on the streets of Leuven.Entitled “Green Wolf”, the Belgian artist brought to life one of his adorable creatures which was painted using his signature line-based imagery combined with

DZIA paints “Gold Fox Puppy”, his new mural in East London, UK

DZIA is currently in the UK where he spent a day working on this brand new piece on the streets of East London entitled “Gold Fox Puppy”.Painting on the popular Brick Lane, the Belgian artist quickly worked his way through this beautiful and signature puppy fox which is sure to be a hit amongst the

“Silver Fox” a mural by DZIA in Antwerp’s Premetro

Working non-stop without taking a break, DZIA has recently been tearing up the streets of Antwerp with a bunch of outdoor pieces. This time around, the Belgian artist was given the opportunity to paint an indoor piece located in Antwerp’s Premetro. As usual with DZIA, this new piece entitled “Silver Fox” is incredibly detailed and features

DZIA paints “Gold Horse”, a new indoor piece in Antwerp, Belgium

Yesterday, DZIA spent a few hours working indoor on a new piece somewhere in the city of Antwerp in Belgium.The Belgian artist worked his magic on this mural and created this artwork which is simply entitled “Gold Horse”. Straight to the point.Continue reading for a closer look at this cute creature and then check back

DZIA paints “Catflow”, its newest mural on the streets of Zolder in Belgium

While you discovered his latest pieces in Turin a few days ago, DZIA is now back in Belgium where he directly queued a new cat mural in the city of Zolder.Entitled “Catflow”, the Belgian muralist brought to life one of his lovely creatures which was painted in his signature geometric and colorful style.Hit the jump