Borondo “Dia – Noche” New Street Piece – East London (Part II)

While you discovered his first piece yesterday (Part I), Borondo has been busy in London where he just wrapped up this new street piece.Entitled “Dia – Noche”, this Diptych was painted without permission on Brick Lane using his signature “scratching” technique.Take a look at a video and some more images after the jump and then

Borondo New Street Piece – London, UK

Our friend Borondo just landed in London, UK where we spent a few hours with him while he was working on this sweet new piece.Working with his signature “Scratching” technique, the talented Spanish artist only used a comb to create this beautiful portrait. This piece was organised by RexRomae.Take a look at a more detailed

Dale Grimshaw “Wonderland” New Mural – London, UK

Dale Grimshaw spent his week-end in East London working on this sweet new piece entitled “Wonderland”.This piece plays with the idea of mixing up incongruous cultural imagery. Primitive, spiritual, tribal & organic meets the commercial, corporate monster of a machine such as Disney.Take a look at more images by Monoprixx after the break and if

Swoon New Street Piece – London, UK

Brooklyn based street artist Swoon is in London and she pasted up one of her intricate large work in the East London area yesterday.Her work is often portraits of everyday people contrasted by both art and historical elements and this piece is no exception.Last time she visited London back in November 2010 she left 4

Cranio New Street Art Mural On Brick Lane, East London, UK

After travelling around Europe, Cranio is back in London where he spent the last two days working on this brand new piece on Brick Lane.Cranio and his blue buddies will be flying back to Brazil tomorrow, so this piece is his final work in Europe for the year. If you are in the neighbourhood, you’ll

Martin Ron New Street Art In East London, UK

Martin Ron spent the last few days in the European Mecca of Street Art aka East London where he just finished working on this new piece on Brick Lane.This massive piece depicts one of the Queen’s guard who has removed his red jacket after his shift at Buckingham Palace to perform some Capoeira. If you