ROA New Mural – East London, UK

After the successful opening of his exhibition at StolenSpace last week (covered), ROA is finally back on the streets of Shoreditch in East London where he just finished working on a brand new piece.In pure ROA style, the globe-trotting artist painted this massive monochrome insect known as a flee. A perfect piece for London?Continue reading

Sweet Toof New Mural – Hackney, East London

Sweet Toof is back on the streets of Hackney with this massive new piece which just popped up along the canal. One of the finest pieces we’ve seen around London this year.Sweet Toof masterfully blends urban detritus with bygone decadence. Fusing ancient methods with modern materials, Sweet Toofโ€™s imagery combines layers of historical and current

Snik New Murals – East London, UK

Snik is back in London where they spent their week-end working on these new piece around Brick Lane and Hanbury Street.The Stamford-based street artist duo quickly worked their way through some of their signature stencils imagery. Initially inspired by the Graffiti scene, Snik has been working with stencil and spray can for over a decade. Constantly

RUN “Phrenology” New Mural – East London, UK

Italian street artist RUN spent his week-end in London, UK working on this new piece around the trendy streets of Shoreditch.The piece is entitled “Phrenology” and is part of a new body of work that RUN has been working on for a few years, however it’s the first time he is actually doing it on

Pixel Pancho New Street Piece – London, UK

SAN caught up with Italian artist Pixel Pancho over the weekend while he was working on his first piece in sunny London.Pixel Pancho painted a rusty female robot slowly getting taken over by the vegetation. As we are accustomed to with the prolific artist, an earthy colour scheme was used to create a more ancient feeling. The

Cyrcle “REIGN!” New Mural – London, UK

After POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 (covered), Cyrcle are now in London where they just wrapped up this new piece in Shoreditch.In town for their solo show at StolenSpace, the American duo worked through the rain and wind spraying one dot after another. The end result is called “REIGN!” and is showing Greek statues in bright orange

Preview: Alexis Diaz x JAZ “La Linea” @ London’s RexRomae – March 6th

Next week, RexRomae will be presenting their premiere exhibition โ€œLa Linea,โ€ featuring Alexis Diaz and JAZ, two urban artists both heralded for their unparalleled and distinct techniques. The upcoming “La Linea” exhibition is curated by Rom Levy.The show which will be running from March 6th – 12th in London and will be featuring a new series of

BEST | EVER Work In Progress – East London, UK

Last seen in Miami for Art Basel, BEST | EVER spent the last few days working on this beautiful mural on the streets of London, UK.Since meeting in late 2008, the British duo have developed a style that combines traditional painterly techniques with intricate aerosol photorealism. This piece should be completed in the next few