Elian paints a new piece for Artesano in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

After Miami, Elian is now in Dominican Republic where he was invited by the Artesano Street Art Festival curated by Inoperable and Evoca1.Painting on the streets of Rio San Juan, the Argentinean muralist spent a few hours working on one of his signature abstract piece. The piece is entitled “Fluid”. This kind of wall are

Elian creates “Exercise Of Anamorphosis #1”, a new piece in Mendoza, Argentina

Elian is currently in Mendoza, Argentina where he was invited to paint a new artwork for the Muropolis Street Art Festival.This artwork is a tribute to Julio Le Parc, Godfather of latin-american Op Art. In this case, through a different language but representative of this artist; I seek to reflect if a concept supports any

Elian paints “Rhythm“, a new abstract piece in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina

Our friend Elian is back in Argentina where he just finished working on this sweet new piece in San Miguel de Tucuman. As usual with the Argentinean muralist, he worked his way through yet another elaborate abstract piece. This artwork is located in a neighborhood from San Miguel, on the facade of the Cultural Centre

Elian creates a new mural for Board Dripper in Queretaro, Mexico

After a few days of work in the city of Queretaro in Mexico, Elian has now wrapped up his newest mural for the excellent Board Dripper Street Art Festival.As usual with the Argentinean street artist, he painted a subtle yet complex abstract piece featuring his signature color palette. This house was built in 1890 by

Elian New Mural For Artmossphere – Moscow, Russia

Elian is currently in Moscow where he was invited to paint a big wall for the Artmossphere Street Art Festival.The Argentinean muralist worked a few days on this abstract piece which is entitled “Percentage / Composition / Balance”. This work proposes a necessary dialogue between colors that build it, make a direct relationship with the

Elian New Mural – Gdynia, Poland

Elian is currently in Gdynia, Poland where he was invited to work on a large-scale mural for the Traffic Design Festival 2014.For his first visit in Poland, the Argentinean muralist abandoned his vibrant “South American” tones to work on this artwork with grey and black hues.Take a look at more images after the break and

Elian New Mural – Besancon, France

The excellent Bien Urbain street art festival kicked off their 2014 edition in Besancon, France with a new piece by Elian.Painting for the first time in Europe, the South American artist painted this signature abstract piece for the locals to enjoy.Take a look at more images after the break and as usual keep your eyes peeled

Elian “Heavy Distribution” New Mural – Cordoba, Argentina

While we last heard from him last month with “Imperfect Circle” (covered), Elian just finished working on this new mural in his hometown of Cordoba.Entitled “Heavy Distribution”, the prolific Argentinean painter quickly worked his way through this beautiful and subtle abstract piece.See more images below and then check back with us soon for more street