Gonefellow ‘Playboy’ Limited Edition Print Release

The mysterious Gonefellow is gearing up for his next limited edition print release through Castle Gallery NI, the primary source for Gonefellow artwork. The new print, entitled ‘Playboy’, is being released through a lottery system due to high demand. This comes as no surprise, as Gonefellow has undeniably gained momentum over the past few years,

Gonefellow “Graffiti Truck The Parody” Limited Edition Screenprint Release

Just a few days after the removal of Banksy’s “Love Plane” in Liverpool by the infamous Sincura Group, artist Gonefellow is set to release a screenprint this coming Tuesday questioning these activities. The print, entitled “Graffiti Truck The Parody”, uses Banksy’s “Siren Of The Lambs” truck (covered) to cleverly draw attention to the debate whether or not street works should end