Guido Van Helten paints “Pooŋojorteq” in Nuuk, Greenland

Guido Van Helten just sent us a series of images from his newest street piece which he recently finished somewhere in Nuuk, Greenland.Entitled “Pooŋojorteq”, this portrait of a hunter was painted from an image from East Greenland taken in 1906 as part of a painting, travel documentary project which will be realeased in the future.

Guido Van Helten New Mural – Akureyri, Iceland

After a few days of work, Guido Van Helten just wrapped up this new piece for the Akureyrarvaka culture festival 2014 on the streets of Akureyri in Iceland.Guido paints deeply nostalgic pieces. Working from photographic references that are culturally specific he creates delicate vintage portraits that have a deeply sentimental quality. The image is portrait of ‘Sia’

Guido Van Helten New Mural – Kopavogur, Iceland

Guido Van Helten is currently in Iceland where he just wrapped up this new piece somewhere in Kopavogur, , a suburb of Reykjavik.This piece is a portrait of Jon Ur Vor, an Icelandic poet who was from this area. The piece was painted from the cover of his book and poem ‘Late Winter Months’ a very

Guido Van Helten New Mural – Limerick City, Ireland

Guido Van Helten was also invited to paint for the Draw Out Street Art Festival on the streets of Limerick City in Ireland.As with all of his portraits this is a stunningly soft and monochromatic piece showing a young girl taking a look from the ledge.Hit the jump for more images and then check back

Guido Van Helten New Mural – Westman Islands, Iceland

While we last heard from him in Reykjavik, Guido Van Helten has now reached the Westman Islands, a small island south of iceland, where he worked his magic on this fantastic new piece.This piece is the first part of a series of walls painted in the harbour of Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar.This small community is the site of the Volcanic

Guido Van Helten New Mural – Reykjavik, Iceland

Guido Van Helten is currently in Reykjavik, Iceland where he just completed his new large scale murals the on 3 sides of the ‘Loftkastalinn’ building in the Old West side of the city.The artist based the murals on photographs by Andres Kolbeinsson selected from the Reykjavik Museum of Photography Archive. They represent scenes from the Jean-Paul Sartre

Guido Van Helten New Mural In Edinburgh, Scotland

Guido Van Helten recently stopped by Scotland where he spent a few days working on this beautiful new piece.Painted on Leith walk in Leith, Edinburgh, Guido van Helten references photographic images sourced from the Scottish national archive, recreating them on a large scale on the long neglected shop front of the Victoria India Rubber Mill.