Hense in Scottsdale, Arizona

Alex Brewer, also known as HENSE, is an American artist, best known for his dynamic, vivid and colorful abstract paintings and monumental wall pieces. The piece create 3D focal points. bold blocks of color appear as giant, singular brush strokes. stripes of blue, seem to have been drawn and dripped haphazardly from a building-sized bucket.

Hense – The Jaunt

Creating artwork from an early age, Alex Brewer quickly took on the moniker Hense and gained notoriety for his graffiti. Combining a street culture point of view with abstract compositions and vibrant colours, Alex uses playful lines and a wide variety of shapes in his work, always focusing on the relationship between those elements and

FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail Goes to Albany, WA

This March, FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail is bringing its program of street art and stories to Albany, Western Australia. Over the past three years, the trail has put regional Western Australia on the map, bringing world-class murals to grain silos, public walls and transformer boxes across the state, with artwork so far from Phlegm, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Hense and Amok

HENSE paints a new mural in Miami, USA for Apple

Just after his massive piece for Public ’15 in Perth, Australia, HENSE flew to Miami to paint a new piece to celebrate the opening of a brand new Apple Store.The mural painted by HENSE, like the store itself, is not only inspired by the energy of Miami, it’s also a fresh source of inspiration for

Hense New Mural In Lima, Peru

Atlanta-based artist Hense just completed his tallest work to date with a 137 feet tall and 170 feet wide piece in Lima, Peru.It took a month and over 200 gallons of paint for Hense a his crew to complete this massive installation.Hense has recently been painting beautiful series of abstract non representational paintings, large scale