“Funk The Power” by iNO in Ibiza

iNO was recently invited to visit the island of Ibiza to paint for the 6th edition of the Bloop Street Art Festival that was running under the theme of “No Fear”. The Greek street artist created a big hand that was trying to impose on a smaller one. The smaller hand is answering with the “fuck you”

“Somebody is Watching You” by iNO in Greece

Visual artist INO was commissioned to paint on the building of the biggest security company in Greece. INO created a large scale mural with a human wearing a suit and having a CCTV camera instead of head. The man is simultaneously watching with a google. Using a surreal extravaganza of analog and digital, the artwork

“Eik-astiki Paremvasi” with iNO, Fikos & More in Nicosia, Cyprus

The Research, Studies and Publications’ Service of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus took the initiative of “Eik-astiki Paremvasi” (Urban-artistic Intervention), a public art project of 6 large scale murals which were painted in the center of Nicosia last month. This unique project is not only ground breaking because it brings large scale murals

“Heaven & Hell on Earth” by iNO in Fortaleza, Brazil

iNO was recently invited in Brazil to paint for the Concreto Street Art Festival which took place on the streets of Fortaleza. Entitled “Heaven & Hell on Earth”, the Greek street artist painted the first ever extra large mural in Fortaleza. The artwork shows a young kid sitting on earth and sending a bullet with one of

“Roaming In Paradise” a new piece by iNO in Spain

iNO is back in Spain where he was invited by the good lads from the Desordes Creatives Festival to work on a brand new piece.Entitled “Roaming in Paradise”, the Greek street artist painted a large piece which is showing God looking above and focusing on a smartphone.Hit the jump for a bunch of new and

Ino paints a large new mural in Minsk, Belarus

Ino was recently invited by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus to create a mural for a project called “Urban Myths” in Minsk. During only 3 days Greek artist worked on this large new mural titled “Man With No Name”.Painting in a country where death penalty is still in use, art can often have a

“We Have The Power”, a new mural by iNO in Piraeus Port, Greece

Greek visual artist iNO created this mural on the center of Piraeus Port, one of the largest seaports in the Mediteranean sea located in Greece. The artist was interviewed by the National Geographic staff and the mural creation proccedure was filmed for an upcoming documentary. The artwork is entitled “We Have The Power” and is

“Random Future”, a new piece by iNO in Athens, Greece

iNO is back on the streets of Athens in Greece where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Random Future”. The Greek artist sent us the following statement explaining the artwork and its title. In a country that has been financially destroyed by the politicians, the crisis is rising. After the endless