Bordalo II “Bordaleta” New Installation – Lisbon, Portugal

The unstoppable Bordalo II is once again back on the streets of his hometown, Lisbon in Portugal with a brand new installation entitled “Bordaleta”.Using trash and found objects from the streets of Lisbon, the Portuguese artist cleverly build these beautiful installations with our everyday garbage.Hit the jump for a closer view of this butterfly and

Bordalo II “Space Grasshopper” New Installation – Lisbon, Portugal

Our friend Bordalo II just wrapped up this sick new installation entitled “Space Grasshopper” somewhere on the streets of his hometown, Lisbon in Portugal.As usual with the talented Portuguese artist, his clever use of trash and found objects combined with the vibrant colours of this grasshopper is simply stunning.Continue reading for more images on this

SpY “Moon” New Installation – Lausanne, Switzerland

While we last heard form him last year with “Cameras” in Madrid, Spain (covered), SpY is now in Switzerland where he just finished working on this fantastic street installation.Using a crane, the Spanish artist installed an homemade and massive waxing crescent moon in order to transform the night for the surrounding residents.Continue reading for another

2501 New Pieces – Tuscany, Italy

2501 recently spent a few days in Tuscany where he worked on several new pieces including a massive egg installation.Strolling around the Italian countryside, the Milan-based street artist stumbled upon some abandoned buildings which are now sporting some of his trademark monochrome imagery.Click in so you can see more of how it all comes together

Bordalo II “Trash Apple” Installation @ The Centro Cultural de Belém – Lisbon, Portugal

While we last heard from him last year with “Our Gift To Mother Nature” (covered), Bordalo II has recently finished yet another sick new installation on the streets of his hometown, Lisbon.Mixing found objets and traditional paint, “Trash Apple” is another fine example showing what one can do with discarded items. An ode to recycling.Continue

Bordalo II “Our Gift To Mother Nature” New Street Installation – Lisbon, Portugal

Bordalo Segundo aka Bordalo II is back in Portugal where he just finished working on this brilliant new installation on the streets of Lisbon in Portugal.Entitled “Our Gift To Mother Nature”, the talented artist dropped this amazing piece which is making a clever use of garbage and found objects. The gift that keeps on giving,

Ernest Zacharevic New Street Installation – Johor Bahru, Malaysia

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago in Singapore (covered), Ernest Zacharevic is now back in Malaysia where he just finished working on this new piece in Johor Bahru. With this new “Lego Bicycle” piece, Zacharevic is once again inviting people to interact with his work by taking pictures of their experience.

Clemens Behr x Low Bros New Installation In Šventoji, Lithuania

Clemens Behr uses the simplest materials to create complex ephemeral architectures, Which fill gallery spaces with origami-like structures. Working with recycled materials and basic geometric forms, Behr dreams up installations did result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects.Visiting the Satta Outside Festival in Šventoji, Lithuania, the German artist teamed up with brk and