Artist Interview: Nick Walker

Everyone’s favorite “vandal” is back in NYC making trouble again.  The infamous Nick Walker not only has several gigantic murals all over New York City, but recently opened a month long solo show at The Quin Hotel.   The new exhibition curated by DK Johnston includes not only classic Nick Walker imagery, but also featured

Artist Interview & Studio Visit: Elle

The elusive Brooklyn based street artist Elle is not so elusive anymore.  She has finally after years of anonymity stepped out of the shadows and revealing herself to the public.  So to celebrate Elle invited me over to hang out in her studio, and then got me drunk off a bunch of very expensive Old

Artist Interview: Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson has an unparalleled passion for urban details, abandoned places in which young princesses are led by calm bears. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to see his paintings during his latest shows, if not, lean back and enjoy this exclusive conversation with Kevin.

Artist Interview: OAKOAK

The French artist OakoAK has become popular with some of the smartest paper works on the streets of Saint Etienne and in several cities around France. We reached him for a quick chat about his beautiful ephemeral compositions and his way of intending street art.  Hello OAKOAK, in the hype Street Art World, full of

Artist Interview: Nina Pandolfo

Nina Pandolfo is one of the Brazilian pioneers in street art, and now she is internationally celebrated as one of the most exciting contemporary artist. We all have seen her beautiful wide-eyed characters painted on the walls of Sao Paulo, visions from another world delivered to the people on the streets. We reached her to

Artist Interview: Bordalo II

In recent years Bordalo II has always been present on our pages, we all know him for his towering 3D murals painted on the streets of Lisbon and many other cities in the world. We reached the Portuguese artist for a nice chat about the way he transforms found trash in giant beautiful animals, giving

Artist Interview: Mobstr

Utilising methods designed and employed for decades by the advertising industry itself, Mobstr employs his unique brand of biting social commentary and astute witticism to walls, streets and billboards across the UK. His work tends to form a dialogue between parties, a two-way conversation between the city walls and our eyes. We reached him for

Artist Interview: Hyuro

We all know Hyuro for her uncanny dreamlike women. Her black-and-white characters, painted on walls around the world, offered us a distinct narrative of what surrounds us. We reached Tamara during one of her usual busy days, for a nice chat about the current state of her art, and the awareness of the importance of