Maser “No.27 – A Nod To Ed Ruscha” New Street Installation – Limerick City, Ireland

While we last heard from him last summer in Dublin (covered), Maser is starting his year with a bang and this epic new piece somewhere in Limerick City, Ireland.The Irish artist just wrapped up this unreal installation entitled “No.27 – A Nod To Ed Ruscha” where he entirely remixed a standard petrol station with some

Fintan Magee New Mural In Dublin, Ireland

Shortly after his collaboration with Maser (covered), Fintan Magee started working on this illegal piece on the streets of Dublin, Ireland.Despite some problems, the Australian artist managed to deliver yet another brilliant piece depicting one of his characters reading a letter.Check some more detailed images after the jump and then check back with us shortly

Fikos Antonios New Mural In Limerick, Ireland

Greek-artist Fikos Antonios just wrapped up this new mural as part of the “Make A Move” festival in Limerick, Ireland.His art is based on the tradition of ancient Greek and Byzantine painting which he sometimes combines with modern art movements like futurism, modernism and graffiti. The young artist is trying to reintroduce the amazing beauty of Orthodox

Fintan Magee x Maser New Mural In Dublin, Ireland

After Vienna, Austria (covered), Fintan Magee is now in Dublin, Ireland where he teamed up with Maser to work on a new collaboration.Painted on a rooftop and featuring both artists’ distinctive style and imagery, the Irish-Australian duo dropped a large piece entitled “Sink Or Swim?”.Check out more images after the jump then check back with us

Smug New Mural In Limerick, Ireland

Scottish artist Smug just completed this new piece as part of the “Make A Move” festival in Limerick, Ireland.Entirely painted freehand and using spray paint alone, Smug delivers yet another striking photo-realistic portrait.If you stop by Limerick, you’ll be able to find the piece near King John’s Castle.Get up close and personal with the piece

Case New Mural In Dublin, Ireland

While we last heard from him in the US last July (covered), Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case spent a few days in Dublin, Ireland for the FUAS event.Featuring his always impeccable technique, the German artist painted this superb new wall depicting what seems to be a fallen angel monkey.Check back with us soon for more

Phlegm New Murals In Bantry, Ireland

Sheffield-based artist, Phlegm, made a trip to Ireland and painted the following two murals somewhere on the streets of Bantry, a town on the coast of County Cork. As usual, Phlegm delivers two superb pieces including one giant Submarine Salmon operated by his characters.  More pictures after the jump…

Nychos x Flying Fortress “No Guts No Glory” New Mural In Dublin, Ireland

After “The Anatomy Of Mother Bear Giving Birth” earlier this year (covered), it’s time for a new collaboration from Nychos The Weird and Flying Fortress with this new mural titled “No Guts No Glory”.Nychos and Flying Fortress, both well-known for their clean, detailed characters created this impressive new piece, showing the anatomy of a bear on