Seacreative x Kraser x Vine x James Kalinda x Nemo x Kraser x Centina New Mural In Varese, Italy

Last week-end was held Art On The Stadio, the first Graffiti and Street Art event in Varese, Italy where  Centina, Seacreative, Kraser, Vine, James Kalinda and Nemo hooked up to work on a massive collaboration.The Spanish-Italian team dropped a great piece featuring each artists’ distinctive style and technique.If you stop by Varese this summer, you’ll

James Kalinda New Murals In Modena, Italy

After Parma last April (covered), James Kalinda recently visited the city of Modena, Italy for the Icone 5.9 festival.The Icone festival is organised by D-406 to remember the tragic earthquake that happened one year ago in the Emilia Romagna region.The Italian painter and his brushes spent a few days working around Modena on several new pieces which

2501 x Kalinda x Centina x Vine x Giorgio Bartocci x SeaCreative x Refresh Ink New Mural In Parma, Italy

Yesterday for Easter, 2501, Kalinda, Centina, Vine, Giorgio Bartocci, Seacreative and Refresh Ink hooked up at a secret location in Parma to paint this new mural.The All Star Italian team delivers a brilliant series of solo pieces featuring each artist’s signature style.Check back with us soon for more updates from Italy…

James Kalinda “Baretta” New Print Available Now

After a recent collaboration with 2501 (covered), James Kalinda just released his new print entitled “Baretta”.This is an edition of 25, it measures 25 x 35 cm, one layer screen print and comes signed and numbered by the Italian painter. “Baretta” is now available for 20 euro each by emailing [email protected]

Never2501 x James Kalinda New Murals In Parma, Italy

James Kalinda and Never2501 recently stopped by the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna where they painted those new pieces somewhere in Parma.As usual with the Italian duo, they deliver two superb new pieces featuring their signature imagery.Check back with us soon for more by 2501 and Kalinda….

Centina x Kraser x SeaCreative x Vine x James Kalinda New Mural In Milan, Italy

The “Banda Del Limone” is back with another crazy collaborative mural somewhere in Milan, the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy.As usual with the talented Italian artists, they painted many different faces for many different characters combined with Vine’s abstraction.Check back with us soon for more by Centina, Kraser, SeaCreative, Vine and James Kalinda

James Kalinda New Piece In The Apennines, Italy

James Kalinda recently stopped by the Apennine Mountains, a mountain range consisting of parallel smaller chains extending along the length of peninsular Italy.The Italian street artist painted this quick signature piece which can be found somewhere on top of a mountain in the Apennines.Check back with us soon for more by Kalinda…

James Kalinda x Never2501 x Centina New Pieces In Tuscany, Italy (Part III)

James Kalinda, Never2501 and Centina are still in Tuscany where they just completed these new pieces in an old and abandoned psychiatric ward.After Part I and Part II, this new wall concludes the trio’s exploration of Tuscany but check back with us soon for more new pieces by Kalinda, 2501 or Centina…