“Pig” by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal

Constantly traveling around Europe to create new installations, Bordalo II is back in his hometown of Lisbon in Portugal. The talented artist spent a few days working on a large new sculpture which is entitled “Pig”. As usual with Bordalo, this work was built and created using trash and found materials gathered locally through dumpsters

“Bee” Installation by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal

Our friend Bordalo II just unveiled a brand new street installation in the lovely city of Lisbon in Portugal. Curated by MISTAKER MAKER for Strongbow at Lxfactory, the Portuguese artist once again used trash and found materials to create a 3D sculpture of a bee which will now be living amongst the local residents. The

“Trash Puppy” a new street installation by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal

Our friend Bordalo II is currently back in Lisbon, Portugal where he just spent a few days working on a brand new street installation.Entitled “Trash Puppy”, the Portuguese artist once again utilized his skills to create a stunning sculpture entirely built of trash and found materials then spray painted to match the puppy’s color. Genial

Ernest Zacharevic paints new works on the streets of Lisbon

Back in the city for his upcoming solo show with Under-dogs, Ernest Zacharevich recently painted two new pieces on the streets of Lisbon. In his signature style, Lithuanian artist is mixing traditional painting with street art and graffiti, achieving striking results.First piece depicts a sardine and a fishing hook, one of the Portugal’s most iconic

Pantonio unveils a new indoor piece in Lisbon, Portugal

Pantonio is back in Portugal where he just finished working on this new indoor piece at the Trinidad Convent, Clube de Criativos in Lisbon which organize every year a project to discuss about technics, concepts and the latest creative tendencies. The one artist featured this year was.. you guessed it, Pantonio!This year’s theme was rush

Bordalo II builds “Peixes d´Alcantara”, its newest installation in Lisbon, Portugal

While you discovered his latest installation a few days ago, Bordalo II is already back on the streets of Lisbon in Portugal with a brand new street piece.Entitled “Peixes d´Alcantara”, the Portuguese artist brought to life a series of big-eyed fish which were built using found materials and trash. A beautiful metaphor considering the level

Sainer unveils “Crossroads”, a massive new mural in Lisbon

Sainer, one half of the infamous Etam Cru, recently hopped to Lisbon for another project with Underdogs collective. After releasing a limited edition lithograph with them earlier this year, this time he worked on a massive mural titled “Crossroads”.Working 10 days straight on a large facade of a 10 story building, Polish artist created an

Add Fuel creates a new piece on the streets of Lisbon

Portuguese artist Add Fuel recently took part in the Trampolins Gerador project organized by Mistaker Maker @ Largo de São Paulo in Lisbon. The idea of the project was to revitalize the area through music, performance, food, photography, intervention, urban art, workshops, talks, etc.Along with few other artist, Add Fuel created this effective piece on an existing electricity