Ludo “Sociomasochism” New Mural In Paris

Today, SAN spent the afternoon in Paris with French artist Ludo while he was working on his largest hand drawn wheat paste to date titled “Sociomasochism”.After his recent trip in LA (covered), He’s back in France with this new gigantic and brilliant mural.For those in Paris, keep an eye out for the green goo. A

Ludo “Thrasherepidoptera” New Mural In Paris

After a successful show in London a few weeks back, Ludo is back on the streets of Paris with this brand new butterfly called “Thrasherepidoptera”.Another superb and huge wheatpaste by the French artist! pics by Ludo

Ludo “e-Lepidoptera” New Print Available Now

Ludo opened his new solo show tonight at HighRollerSociety in London and his new print just dropped online. “e-Lepidoptera” is an edition of 25, measures 50x70cm, hand pulled screen print, embellished with green and white acrylic, signed and numbered. Available now HERE for £120

Ludo “Metamorphosis” New Solo Show @ High Roller Society, London September 9th

After a recent stop in LA with our friend Birdman (covered) Parisian artist Ludo will be opening his solo show “Metamorphosis” in London at High Roller Society. Along with a new body of work the event will also celebrate the international launch of a OPUS #23 featuring Ludo’s work “Metamorphosis” will open on September 9th

Ludo New Street Pieces In Los Angeles (Action Shots)

As we reported earlier today, Ludo is in Los Angeles and participating in the LAFreewalls project curated by Daniel Lahoda. Our friend Birdman followed Mr Ludo all night and just brought us these super sweet pictures. One of these piece can be seen in Echo Park! Enjoy! Pics by Birdman

Ludo New Street Piece In Los Angeles (Part 2)

These two new pieces by Ludo are the latest additions to go up for LAFreewalls. One of them can be seen in Echo Park! “The Cacktus” was also released as a sculpture last june. Pics by JetSetGraffiti

Ludo New Street Piece In Los Angeles

French artist Ludo is currently in Los Angeles for an upcoming group show, he however had enough spare time to get a new piece for the LAFreewalls project curated by JetSetGraffiti This piece can be seen on the corner of Alameda and 4th in the LA art district. Pics by JSG