Butterfly Documents Dran’s Book Launch

 Butterfly brings us another great video, this time documenting the launch of Dran’s latest book, I Love My World, held at Marks & Stencils on Saturday 18th December 2010. You will also find a set of photographs HERE and our book review Here

Banksy ‘Im Not a Spastic Tag’ Signed Bag

Banksy Handprinted these bags for Marks&Stencils Event, Only about 15 were made and they are signed in the back with Red Paint, There is one left for your viewing pleasure at POW Berwick Street, This was not made available for public and will never be.

Dran ‘I Have Chalks’ Drawing Competition Winner

Dran has picked the winner of the ‘I Have Chalks’ drawing competition that’s been running at Marks & Stencils for the past month and here it is in all its glory! Congrats for winning the print! Check out the best entries after the jump

POW Winter Catalogue Download

POW’s Winter Catalogue is now available to download… CLICK HERE

Dran ‘I LOVE MY WORLD’ New Book

« I love my world » is the 6th book by Dran. An artist of our time, Dran bluntly sketches the world and points his satirical paint brush at the society we live in. These are available for purchase online Here, and will soon be available at  POW’s Marks&Stencils 1 Berwick Street, a signing session with Dran

Dran ‘Learning To Fly’ New Print

Dran new POW print ‘Learning To Fly’ is an edition of 50 and blindstamped by POW and as you can see in our exclusive picture, it looks pretty damn good! No Info if or when these will be available for sale. You seen it here first, again. Our torrid affair with Monsieur DRAN draws to

Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ Prints 18 Colorways

Here are the 18 Different Colorways for Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ Prints, Pink, Bright Purple, Dark Orange, Gold, Green, Grey, Khaki, Lemon, Light Orange, Magenta, Olive, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Slate, Soft Yellow, Turquoise and White.Which one you prefer?

Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ Grey and Green Versions

Banksy ‘Choose Your Weapon’ Green and Grey Versions which seems like will be released online only. You Seen Them Here First. Also the Final Shot of the Red Version