“Keep me” by Millo in Finland

Italian artist Millo recently spent some time in Finland where he was invited to create for Upea Art Festival in a small town by the name of Jyväskäla, located around 350 km North from Helsinki. The city is surrounded by an amazing nature, lakes and forests everywhere. Inspired by it, the artist named the mural “Keep me”… I feel very

“POWER OF IMAGINATION” by Millo in Ukraine

Italian artist Millo recently spent some time in Ukraine where he was invited to create a new mural on a wall of juvenile penitentiary in Kremenchuk for Back to School Ukraine curated by Seth Land and Oleg Sosnov with the support of UNICEF Ukraine and Sky Art Foundation. The power of imagination is the key to never stop dreaming and encouraging the development of our own

“Revolution” by Millo in Saint Petersburg

Fresh new mural on the streets of Saint Petersburg, Russia painted by Millo on the facade of the Street Art Museum. Entitled “Rivoluzione” (revolution), Millo created a large illustrative piece, combining two different meanings for this subject at the same time, the concept of change in something, and the orbiting of one heavenly body around

“Never Give Up” by Millo in Santiago, Chile

Italian artist Millo recently spent some time in South America where he was invited by the Hecho En Casa Street Art Festival which took place in Chile a few weeks ago. Painting on the streets of Santiago, Millo once again went big with this super-sized wall which is entitled “Never Give Up”. The piece shows

”How Did We Get So Far Apart” by Millo in Buenos Aires

Millo just returned to South America where he just wrapped up a brand new piece on the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Painting in the district of La Boca, the Italian artist created another scenery featuring his signature black and white characters. The piece is entitled ”How Did We Get So Far Apart” and takes

“Backpack Home” by Millo in Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Millo just sent us some images from his latest work which was just completed on the streets of Ascoli Piceno, Italy, for the urban art project Arte Pubblica. Entitled “Backpack Home”, the Italian artist brought to life this signature piece which is perfectly integrating the architecture with his artwork. This time his character brings with him along

“In Bloom” by Millo in Milan, Italy

Italian artist Millo just finished working a large artwork entitled “In Bloom” somewhere in the district of Bruzzano in Milan, Italy. Along with Millo’s signature characters, we can see lotus plants that are sinking their roots in the mud. Even tho they are growing in the mud, they come out beautiful and immaculate. For the Italian painter, this is

“Love Runs the World” by Millo in Kiev, Ukraine

Italian artist Millo, a participant of the urban street art festival in Ukraine called Mural Social Club, painted a 9-floor high building in Kyiv with a piece which is dedicated to love. “Here is the wall I painted in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine) for Mural Social Club Festival.  It is called “Love Runs the World”.