“The Times They are A-changing”, a new mural by Edoardo Kobra in Minneapolis, USA

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has just finished his latest artwork located somewhere on the streets of Minneapolis in the USA. This massive wall, entitled as “The Times They are A-changing”, is 92 feet high by 150 feet long and depicts the American composer and musician Bob Dylan in three different stages of his career. As

Fin DAC x Angelina Christina “The Serpenteens” New Street Art – Minneapolis, USA

After a first piece up in Denver, Fin DAC and Angelina Christina are now in Minneapolis where they just wrapped up this new mural. As usual with the street art power duo, they dropped some of their signature sexy ladies. The mural is entitled “The Serpenteens” and if you stop by Minneapolis, you’ll be able

Fin DAC New Mural In Minneapolis, USA

Globe-trotting artist Fin DAC is now in the US where he just wrapped up this new mural in Minneapolis, the largest city in the U.S. state of MinnesotaPainting freehand on Hennepin Ave S at Shameless Inc, the Irish artist dropped one his sexy signature girls with tattoos.Continue reading to see the piece in more details and let