Anthony Lister creates a new street piece in East London, UK

Anthony Lister has landed in the UK for the opening of his upcoming solo exhibition ” Hurt People – Hurt People” at London’s Lazarides.Exploring the streets of East London, the Australian artist quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing what looks to be a mix of Superman, Hulk and Spiderman.Continue reading for another

Phlegm and David De La Mano create a new collaboration in Cardiff, Wales

Phlegm and David De La Mano recently teamed up on the streets of Cardiff in South Wales to work on a sweet new collaboration.Both invited to paint for the latest edition of the Empty Walls Festival, the newly formed British-Spanish street art duo quickly worked their way through this piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive

Adnate New Pieces – London, UK

After a series of collaboration with Smug and Sofles in Australia, Matt Adnate has now landed in good old Europe where he just wrapped up two new pieces in East London, UK.As usual with the Australian muralist, he dropped some of his portraiture-based imagery for the local hipsters to enjoy. Additionally, Adnate painted a tribute