Curiot and Nosego collaborate on a new mural in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana

Curiot and Nosego are currently in North America where they were invited to paint a new collaboration on the streets of Baton-Rouge in Louisiana for the Museum Of Public Art.The Museum of Public Art is dedicated to creating, promoting, and exhibiting public art. We are using art for community development, cultural awareness and social change

Seth GlobePainter New Pieces – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Seth GlobePainter is back in Louisiana where he was once again invited by the Museum Of Public Art to paint on the streets of Baton-Rouge.As usual with the French street artist, he worked his magic through a series of his signature character based murals. Seth is also the Television Director and onscreen Reporter of the documentary

Seth x Fintan Magee New Mural For The Museum Of Public Art – Baton Rouge, USA

After solo pieces in Miami for Art Basel, Seth and Fintan Magee are now in Louisiana where they just finished working on this new collaboration in Baton Rouge.Invited by the Museum Of Public Art, the newly formed French-Australian duo quickly painted this sweet piece which is featuring both artist’s distinctive style.Continue reading for a video

Seth New Murals For The Museum Of Public Art – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

After Miami and Art Basel (Covered), Julien Malland better known as Seth Globe Painter is now in Louisiana for the Museum Of Public Art.Without an overt political message, the French artist paints curious children in his street works, hoping to incite a similar, wide-eyed sense of wonder in his adult viewers.Continue reading for a full glance