Nathan Bowen x Unathi New Mural In Paris, France

British Artist Nathan Bowen hooked up with South African painter Unathi to paint this large scale mural on the streets of Paris.This collab took them two days to complete and can be seen in the area of Belleville.

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces In Paris, France Part II

Nathan Bowen continues his Paris’ invasion with three new pieces painted yesterday in the 11th District.Finding random rundown walls, he gives them an “After Lives” with his unique style.

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces In Paris, France Part I

Nathan Bowen arrived in Paris where he started invading the city with his Demon Builders.Over the course of one day he painted quite a few pieces which can be seen below.Check back with us soon for Part II

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces For See No Evil In Bristol

Our friend Nathan Bowen is also in Bristol for See No Evil, he painted a couple of his iconic Demon Builders characters around and about Nelson Street. Expect a lot more updates from Bristol over the coming days, loads of artists are still painting fresh pieces.

Nathan Bowen New Mural In Brick Lane, London

British Artist Nathan Bowen has been busy in London once again with a huge new mural depicting “Captain America” and a horde of Demon Builders in the background. This piece can be seen around the streets of Brick Lane. While he was at it, he killed it with painting his iconic Demon Heads on a

Nathan Bowen “Green Lantern” New Mural In London

Last Sunday, SAN bumped into Nathan Bowen as he was finishing a new street piece. This huge mural is featuring his infamous demons and “Green Lantern”, it can be seen around Commercial Street, London.

London’s Streets: Nathan Bowen

Today we are bringing you a special London’s streets coverage with up and coming British Artist Nathan Bowen. He is an artist that transforms old wasted street spaces into a new colorful playground for our eyes. He gives the streets an artistic reincarnation which he call “After Lives”an art movement which gives the streets a

“Sand, Sea & Spray” Blackpool Coverage

MAC1 “Sand, Sea & Spray” is now over and it’s been a truly fantastic event, great art, great people and a big respect to Robin for the organization!Make sure to stop by Blackpool to check out all these beautiful pieces. No extra captions needed, just enjoy our Pictures! 20/20 – UK London, 237 Project –