TOward 2030 Online Art Competition

In the past 2 years, Lavazza and the City of Turin have launched a project TOward2030, an urban art initiative that is promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.  The effort that so far engaged international artists who illustrated each of these goals through the city landscape, is now shifting online, inviting

“Celsius” by Nevercrew in Lugano (Switzerland)

If it is not obvious at all to have certainties in life, what is certain is that every time the Nevercrew leave a mark of their passage, we remain struck by their skill. This time we talk about Celsius, the latest work made by the Swiss duo at Spazio Morel in Lugano. The painting proposes

“Propagating machine” by NEVERCREW in Mannheim, Germany

Swiss artist duo NEVERCREW has been very active recently and here is their brand new piece called “Propagating machine” in Mannheim, Germany for Stadt.Wand.Kunsts project which has been decorating the streets of Mannheim since 2013. This work is about the balance between the elements, about the relation between mankind an nature and about how, within this relation,

“Baring machine” murals by NEVERCREW in Satka, Russia

NEVERCREW has been invited to Satka in Russia to be a part of Satka Street Art Festival curated by Fund Sobranie Moscow where they created a two “Baring machine” murals. First one is done on a massive wall on a residential building. It is located in the city of Satka, in the Oblast’ of Celjabinsk (Russia), a