“Climate 05 – Reclaim Air and Water” in Delhi by Andreco
March 11, 2019
3 min read
The Italian visual artist Andreco, in collaborates with St+art India, introduce his new Climate Art Project for the first time in India. Climate 05 – Reclaim Air and Water is a project, a cross between art and science, focussing on the consequences of the climatic changes and the air water pollution in Delhi. In particular…
Adele Renault in New Delhi, India
February 11, 2019
1 min read
Belgian artist Adele Renault just spent some time in India where she was in town for the latest edition of the St.Art India Festival. Painting on the streets of New Delhi, Adele brought to life some of her signature imagery with these two giants pigeon. The artist is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of every…
St+Art India: “Time changes everything” by DAKU in New Delhi
May 16, 2016
1 min read
This typographic piece by DAKU for St+Art India ingeniously visualises the concept of time by playing with letters and shadows. The oldest forms of measuring time were sundials used by the Egyptians as early as 1500 BC, and this piece takes that concept to a whole new level. By mounting several words on the wall…
St+Art India: “The Tourist” by Avinash & Kamesh in New Delhi
March 21, 2016
1 min read
We continue our ongoing coverage of the excellent St+Art India festival with a brand new piece from Avinash and Kamesh in the district of Lodhi Colony, New Delhi. The inspiration for this wall comes from the social media and smart phone revolution. While working in Lodhi colony, Avinash and Kamesh observed how a lot of…
St+Art India: Reko Rennie in New Delhi
March 8, 2016
1 min read
Reko Rennie is an Australian artist who explores his Aboriginal identity through contemporary mediums. Rennie’s art incorporates his association to the Kamilaroi people, using traditional geometric patterning that represents his community. Through his art, Rennie provokes discussion surrounding Indigenous culture and identity in contemporary urban environments. Reko was invited by the good people from St+Art India…
St+Art India: “We Love Delhi” by Lek & Sowat and Hanif Kureshi in New Delhi
March 2, 2016
1 min read
This wall in Lodhi represents a collaboration between French artists Lek & Sowat and Indian artist Hanif Kureshi who runs Hand Painted Type. From before they landed in India, Lek & Sowat were intrigued by the idea of collaborating with Indian hand-painters and wanted to use a lot of colour in their work. Post discussions with Hanif,…
St+Art India: “There Is Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” by ECB in New Delhi
March 2, 2016
1 min read
Known for making monochromatic murals depicting anonymous personalities around the world, Germany based artist ecb Hendrik beikirch’s latest mural was recently completed in New Delhi for the excellent St+Art India event. Upon seeing his site which is an extremely industrial setting of a now defunct cement factory – next to one of the largest landfills…
St+Art India: Borondo in Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
February 17, 2016
1 min read
While you discovered his gigantic container piece a few days ago, Borondo also worked on a large mural located in the district of Lodhi Colony in New Delhi. In town for the excellent St+Art India Festival, the Spanish street artist brought to life this breath-taking architectural piece which according to the artist represents the origins…
St+Art India: Agostino Iacurci in New Delhi
February 10, 2016
1 min read
While you discovered some exclusive progress shots via our Instagram, Agostino Iacurci has just wrapped up a massive new piece on the streets of New Delhi. In town for the excellent St+Art India Festival, the Italian artist spent over a week working at the busy Guvind Puri Subway Station. After going through hundreds of liters…
St+Art India: Borondo in New Delhi
February 8, 2016
1 min read
Our friend Borondo is also part of this year’s lineup for the excellent St+Art Festival which is taking place on the streets of New Delhi in India. After several days of hard work at the ICU Container Park, the talented Spanish artist brought to life this magnificent piece of work showing the inside of an Indian…

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