St+Art India: Agostino Iacurci in New Delhi

While you discovered some exclusive progress shots via our Instagram, Agostino Iacurci has just wrapped up a massive new piece on the streets of New Delhi. In town for the excellent St+Art India Festival, the Italian artist spent over a week working at the busy Guvind Puri Subway Station. After going through hundreds of liters

St+Art India: Borondo in New Delhi

Our friend Borondo is also part of this year’s lineup for the excellent St+Art Festival which is taking place on the streets of New Delhi in India. After several days of hard work at the ICU Container Park, the talented Spanish artist brought to life this magnificent piece of work showing the inside of an Indian

St+Art India: Never Crew in Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

While you discovered some images from their first piece a few days ago, Never Crew just finished working on a second artwork on the streets of New Delhi in India. In town for the excellent St+Art Festival, the Swiss duo quickly worked their way through this vibrant new piece showing a colorful meteorite and an

St+Art India: Never Crew in New Delhi

We continue our ongoing coverage of the excellent St+Art India festival with Never Crew and their latest piece in New Delhi. Never Crew is a duo from Switzerland, composed by Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni.  The two have been collaborating together since 1996 and they work both with two-dimensional and tridimensional, paintings, sculptures and installations. After a few days of

St+Art India: “Graffiti Are The Weeds Of Art” by Shoe in New Delhi

We are currently in India for the 2016’s edition of St+Art India which is currently taking place on the busy streets of New Delhi. Niels “Shoe” Meulman is currently in town where he just finished working on his first piece. Painting in the district of Lodhi Colony, the Dutch artist unveiled some of his calligraffiti

1010 paints a new piece at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India

While we last heard from him in Panama a few days ago, 1010 is now in India where he was invited to paint for the St+Art India Street Art Festival.Working at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, the Berlin-based artist painted yet another convincing, colorfully banded holes in walls. The simple technique looks

M-City New Mural For St. Art Delhi Festival 2014 – New Delhi, India

M-City was recently in India where he spent a few days working on these massive pieces somewhere on the streets of New Delhi.In town for the St. Art Delhi Festival 2014, the Polish street artist dropped two gigantic pieces which are containing an immense amount of detail, patterns, and strong line work.Continue reading to get familiar with

Ecb “Gandhi” New Mural – New Delhi, India

Ecb is currently in New Delhi, India where he spent the last few weeks working on this massive new portrait.With “Gandhi”, ecb dropped another one of his signature greyscale portrait and as usual the German artist has a true talent to mix tones of grey and compose them in a perfect way.Continue reading for more