Coverage: Nick Walker “The Last Ride” a Solo Exhibition at Wall Works in The Bronx, NYC

Nick Walker has brought his ridiculously intricate stencil skills and trademark vandal  all the way from Bristol England to the Boogie Down Bronx for a solo show entitled “The Last Ride”.  Nick seamlessly integrated all the best things synonymous with NYC, and the Bronx, and melded them with the cheeky vandal character we all have come to love

Nick Walker “Penny Farthing Vandal”, a new stencil on the streets of New York City

Our friend Nick Walker is back on the streets of New York City with this brand new piece which was just completed late last night.Entitled “Penny Farthing Vandal”, the popular British street artist resurrected his signature vandal to life with this brand new tribute to NYC. Riding a super cool Penny Farthing, the elegant vandal