Nick Walker “Love Vandal” New Street Piece – Hikone, Japan

Our friend Nick Walker is currently in Japan where he just wrapped up this new “Love Vandal” somewhere on the streets of Hikone.Born in 1969, he emerged from the infamous and ground-breaking Bristol graffiti scene of the early 1980s. His paintings often feature a bowler-hatted gentleman which was dubbed as ‘Vandal’.Take a look at an extra

Nick Walker New Mural In Paris, France

After hitting up Paris with some street work a few months ago, Nick Walker is back for more.Earlier this afternoon, the British stencil artist quickly painted this tiny vandal and her liberty message for the local pedestrians to enjoy.On the other side of the jump below, we have more photos of the piece otherwise, if

Nick Walker New Street Pieces In Sao Paulo, Brazil

While we last heard from him last year, in Indianapolis, USA (covered), Nick Walker is now in South America working on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.The British stencil artist drops two new pieces which are featuring his anarchical alter ego, “The Bowler-Hatted Vandal”.Stay with us through the click for more photos and don’t forget to

Nick Walker “Love Vandal” New Print Available February 7th

Nick Walker will be releasing a new screenprint featuring his iconic vandal character on Thursday.“Love Vandal” is an edition of 150 and comes signed and numbered by the Bristol-based artist.Size is TBA. Available HERE on February 7th at 4PM GMT for £275 each

Nick Walker “Love Vandal” New Print Available Soon

British artist Nick Walker will soon be releasing a new print entitled “Love Vandal”.While not much info have yet been revealed, this new edition will be a run of 150, size and price are to be announced.Stay tuned on SAN for more info and release date…

Nick Walker New Street Pieces In Indianapolis, USA

While we last heard from him in New York City this summer (covered), Nick Walker is now busy on the streets of Indianapolis, the capital city of the U.S. state of Indiana.Invited by the Indianapolis Museum Of Modern Art, the Bristol-based stencil artist recently completed these new signature pieces.Stay tuned for more by Nick Walker soon…

Nick Walker “Love Vandal” New Skate Decks Available Now!

British stencil artist Nick Walker has just released a set of skate decks in collaboration with Last Concept. “Love Vandal” is an edition of 30 and comes as a set of three printed decks each measuring 20 x 80 cm. Each triptych is hand-signed by Nick Walker with further detail inc. edition number engraved on

Nick Walker New Mural In New York City

Yesterday, the Bristol-based stencil artist Nick Walker spent the day on the sunny streets of New York City to drop one of his iconic vandal characters.If you stop by Big Apple this summer, this new vandal can be seen in Chinatown on Hester & Eldridge Street.Check back with us soon for more by Nick Walker…