Martin Whatson New Murals For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway

Popular Norwegian Stencil artist Martin Whatson was also in Stavanger, Norway for the excellent Street Art Festival Nuart. Martin painted three of his signature images, mixing traditional stencil with graffiti. Can’t help but love the Norwegian’s style! Stay with us after the click to see the entirety of the murals from Martin Whatson and then

Ernest Zacharevic New Installation For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway

After Lithuania (featured), Ernest Zacharevic is now in Norway where he started working on several new street pieces on the streets of Stavanger for Nuart ’13.Playing with illusions, the talented street artist painted the image of a young boy balancing on top of a set of stacking chairs.Make sure to take a peep at more

Strøk New Pieces For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway

Strøk aka Anders Gjennestad is also part of the line-up for Nuart Street Art Festival 2013 where he just wrapped up these new pieces on the streets of Stavanger, Norway.The Norwegian street artist quickly painted these two signature pieces which are showcasing his hand cut multi layered stencils to create photorealistic images featuring his signature depth

M-City – Airport Control Tower Piece In Stavanger, Norway

M-City is currently in Stavanger, Norway where he just wrapped up this quite unusual Street Art piece on an Airport Control Tower.Located at the SOLA airport, the Polish street artist quickly painted some of his signature stencil-based imagery as part of the Nuart Street Art Festival.Continue reading to get the best look yet at this

Dot Dot Dot New Pieces In Stavanger, Norway

After his Napoleon mural in Oslo last month (covered), Dot Dot Dot spent his week-end painting in Stavanger for Nuart 2013.The Norwegian street artist stenciled this large-scale version of his signature “Protester” image which he released, earlier this year, as a screenprint. He also dropped another quick street piece for the local residents to enjoy.Take

ROA New Mural In Stavanger, Norway

While he’s already in Poland for Fundacja Urban Forms, ROA quickly stopped by the lovely city of Stavanger in Norway for the 2013 edition of Nuart.In continuance of Norwegian hunting tradition, Norway today hunts for whale. The Belgian painter found suitable to paint a massive sliced whale for the local residents to enjoy.More views are

HowNosm New Mural In Stavanger, Norway (Part II)

While you discovered some progress pictures a few days ago (covered), HowNosm have now completed their indoor installation for the Nuart Festival.After “Reflections” in New York (featured), Raoul and David created yet another beautiful and vibrant installation.  If you are in the area, this one can be seen close to Ølhallene del Tou Scene.Next stop for

DOLK New Mural In Stavanger, Norway

Norwegian stencil superstar DOLK also stopped by Stavanger to paint this cheeky new piece for the NUART Festival.The elusive artist painted this large-scale stencil of a man wearing 3D glasses accompanied by his blow up doll.Check back with us soon for more by DOLK… Pics by Rune Gudmundsen