BiP on Ice Cream Truck in Oakland

BiP — or “Believe in People” — recently stopped by Oakland in California where he spent a few hours working on a new artwork. Painting on an unusual canvas with this Ice Cream truck. the artist created some of his signature hyper-realistic imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for months to come.

“Vintage” by Bip in Oakland, California

While we last heard from him in San Francisco last year, Bip is back in action with “Vintage”, a new street art piece that just appeared on the streets of Oakland in California. Starring 91-year-old Oakland resident Emma Levy holding a trash metal vinyl, the American artist created a great artwork full of positive energy.

Ernest Doty unveils a new mural in Oakland, California

Ernest Doty just sent us a series of fresh images from his brand new mural which was recently completed on the streets of Oakland in California.Geared with Spray Paint, the American artist quickly worked his way through this creative and flamboyantly abstract street piece. Funnily, the piece also seems to be a cheeky tribute to

Stinkfish brings a batch of new works to San Francisco & Oakland, USA

Constantly traveling around the globe, Stinkfish is now in North America where he made a quick stop  by the cities San Francisco and Oakland.Rolling through with his buddies ZAS from Colombia and Yoshi and Bounce from the legendary crew of “Trust Your Struggle”. The result is a bunch of solo and collaboration pieces which are all

Nychos New Mural – Oakland, USA

After taking over the streets of San Francisco (Part I – Part II), Nychos is now in Oakland, USA where he just finished working on this massive new piece for Easter.Organised by Upper Playground and Fifty24SF, the Austrian street artist went big with this signature piece which is showing the dissection of an Easter rabbit.Continue