Nathan Bowen x Unathi New Mural In Paris, France

British Artist Nathan Bowen hooked up with South African painter Unathi to paint this large scale mural on the streets of Paris.This collab took them two days to complete and can be seen in the area of Belleville.

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces In Paris, France Part II

Nathan Bowen continues his Paris’ invasion with three new pieces painted yesterday in the 11th District.Finding random rundown walls, he gives them an “After Lives” with his unique style.

Nathan Bowen New Street Pieces In Paris, France Part I

Nathan Bowen arrived in Paris where he started invading the city with his Demon Builders.Over the course of one day he painted quite a few pieces which can be seen below.Check back with us soon for Part II

Faith47 “Nothing Is Made To Last” New Mural In Paris, France

Faith47 painted today two pieces in Paris and here’s the first one titled “Nothing Is Made To Last”. A simply beautiful calligraphy piece in an abandoned building…  How rare would that be to find such a location with untouched wallpaper just waiting to be painted ? Check back with us soon for the second piece! Thanks

DAL “No Surrender” New Mural In Paris, France

DAL does it again! Right after “Kelpie” yesterday (covered), he painted “No Surrender” today in Paris.The execution is as usual sick with DAL, using only white and black cans, he delivers a strong new piece again.This last piece concludes DAL’s European trip, we look forward to see more from him soon! Thanks to DAL for

Kidult Hits The Louis Vuitton Store In Paris

Just a few days after his previous action at the Hermes’ store (covered) , the infamous Kidult just attacked a Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris with his pink paint fire extinguisher and tagged a huge “Yes”. Developping story, check back with us soon for more info and pictures!

Kidult Hits Hermes Store In Paris, France

Seems like Kidult didn’t like the Hermes’ Graffiti Scarf, he showed up in Paris with his usual fire extinguisher and vandalized Hermes’ store. Earlier this week the luxury store located on Rue De Sevres was tagged with the word “Love” What’s next for Kidult? Wait and See…

FriendsWithYou “In The Beginning” Paris Exhibition Coverage @ Colette

Today, SAN stopped by Colette in Paris to attend FriendsWithYou new exhibition “In The Beginning” The Miami Collective first exhibition in Paris features bronze sculptures, a series of limited edition prints including three exclusive Colette prints, an animated video and a bunch of various goodies. FriendsWithYou brings to Colette their trademark Childlike imagery mixed with