Pener in Volos, Greece

The third round of the “CityCall” festival, organized by UrbanAct in the city of Volos, has just been completed. Pener created a large new mural in the 15th and 24th primary schools. Pener mention about his mural: “With large realizations in public space, I try to embed my works in the context of space. For

“Shockwave” a mural by Pener in Olsztyn, Poland

Bartek “Pener” Świątecki just sent us some images from his latest piece entitled “Shockwave” which was just completed on the streets of Olsztyn in Poland.Pener has been one of Poland’s talented emerging artists working in abstract and deconstructive style. Great detail and color transitions create a fluid composition with layers and layers of deconstructed form. The

Zoer x Pener x Velvet “Vertical Farming” New Mural – Turek, Poland

Zoer, Pener and Velvet recently teamed up to work on this massive new piece somewhere on the streets of Turek in Poland.The All-Star Polish trio dropped this technically impressive artwork showing the image of the landscape of a farm combined with a unexpected giant and hyper-realistic cutter. This mural is entitled “Vertical Framing”.Take a look

Pener x Proembrion “Mangolassi” New Mural – Dortmund, Germany

Pener and Proembrion are currently in Germany where they just wrapped up this new street art collaboration in Dortmund.In town for a group exhibition at 44309streetartgallery, the Polish street art duo quickly painted this amazing abstract piece featuring each artist’s signature style.While many of you are already familiar with Pener, Proembrion approach towards complete abstraction coins

Bezt x Pener New Mural In Kosice, Slovakia

Bezt and Pener just wrapped up this massive mural entitled “The Healer” on the streets of Kosice, Slovakia.In town for the excellent 2013 edition of SAC, the newly formed duo combined abstraction and figuration to deliver an outstanding piece of work.Stay with us through the click for the best photos yet of this piece and