M-City New Mural In Jarocin, Poland

Polish stencil artist M-City is now in Jarocin, a small town in Central Poland where he just completed this impressive new piece.Painted in two days and showing the image of a broken cassette, this new large-scale mural by M-City is probably referring to the Jarocin Music Festival, one of the largest and most important rock

Evol New Street Piece In Warsaw, Poland

Hitting up Poland, German artist EVOL just started installing his distinctive work on the streets of Warsaw.Featuring his uncanny ability to transform urban objects into tiny cityscapes, this latest street intervention is the first piece to hit Warsaw so check back with us soon for more.If you are in the area, this one can be

Sepe New Mural In Krezel, Poland

Warsaw-based street artist Sepe recently stopped by Krezel, a tiny city in Eastern Poland, where he quickly painted this sweet new mural.Largely inspired by Polish book illustrators, Sepe delivers one of his pale, deformed and grotesque-looking characters.

BEZT “The Race” New Mural In Lodz, Poland

Polish artist BEZT from Etam Cru just spent the last four weeks working on “The Race”, a sweet new mural & installation on the streets of Lodz, Poland.After Shida (covered) and Sainer (covered), BEZT just completed Wall #15 for the always excellent Fundacja Urban Forms.

Nawer New Mural In Lublin, Poland

Polish street artist Nawer just finished this large-scale mural on the streets of Lublin, Poland as part of the Open City event which seeks to establish a dialogue between the urban landscape and its people.This new mural can be seen at the elementary school located at Stefanii Sempołowskiej 20-001 Lublin, Poland

Shida New Mural In Lodz, Poland

Aussie artist Shida is kicking off the second edition of Fundacja Urban Forms with this fresh new mural in Lodz.As usual, the artist’s feathery wall illustrations depict fantasy-driven creatures. His originated beasts often include reptilian shadows that lurk below overpasses and piranha-bird hybrids that flit about with android-like fairies.If you stop by Lodz, this one

M-City New Mural In Krakow, Poland

Polish stencil muralist, Marius Waraz, aka M-City, recently completed this large-scale piece for the ArtBoom Festival on the streets of Krakow, in the Lesser Poland region.As always and with his distinct machinery looking esthetic, his work contains an immense amount of detail, patterns, and strong line work.

Sainer New Mural In Lodz, Poland

Sainer from Etam Crew has just completed a massive and stunning new mural for the Fundacja Urban Forms festival on the streets of Lodz, Poland.With his bold and vibrant style that was already seen for his last year’s piece(covered), Sainer painted this mural over the course of a week.If you stop by Lodz, this one can