Chazme x Nawer “Analog Tokyo” New Mural In Poznan, Poland

We last heard from Chazme about a year ago, he was in Lodz where he painted a huge wall with his friend Sepe (covered).He is now in Poznan, a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland, where he just completed yet another collaboration with Nawer.Titled “Analog Tokyo”, this large-scale mural features both artists’ architectural styles.

ROA New Murals In Katowice, Poland

 Started on Thursday (covered), ROA just completed these two fantastic new murals in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.This time the Belgian artist delivers the “Inside-Out” of this bird including a brilliant anatomization, displaying its organs with vivid and brights colours.If you stop by Katowice, this one can be seen next to Tellas’ mural

M-City New Mural In Katowice, Poland

After his mural in Germany for Fest-architektur last week (covered), M-City is back in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.He just completed this huge mural featuring his signature style on the streets of Katowice and as usual with the Polish artist, its looking very architectural. pics via artist

ROA New Mural In Progress, Katowice

ROA never stops… after a huge hedgehog earlier this week in London (covered), the Belgian artist now landed in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.Here’s the progress after Day 1, this huge new mural should be completed sometime soon so stay tuned for the final pictures. pics by malinowyma and

Mark Jenkins “Tug Of War” New Installation In Katowice, Poland

After an enormous target with human darts in Richmond two weeks ago (covered), Mark Jenkins is now in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival.Disturbing, humorous, and enigmatic in equal measures, the American artist enlists his hyper-realistic sculptures for this new installation titled “Tug Of War”. Bottom pic by Mark Jenkins

Escif New Mural In Katowice, Poland

Valencia-based Escif is also in Poland for the Katowice Street Art Festival where he just completed this huge new mural.As usual, the Spaniard executes a simple concept with a minimal color palette and great use of space, if you stop by Katowice, it can be seen ul. Mikusińskiego 5.