LUDO New Mural In Katowice, Poland

Parisian artist LUDO arrived in Poland where he just completed this huge mural for the Katowice Street Art Festival.Familiar with political themes, LUDO delivers this green-tinged piece featuring this brilliant biomorphic “Police” fly which was last seen at his London show in 2011.If you pass by Katowice, this one can be seen ul. Markiefki 55

M-City New Mural In Plock, Poland

Polish artist Marius Waraz aka M-City just completed this huge new stencil on the streets of Plock.Painted in three days, M-City delivers a stunning piece with this monumental dragon mixed with a series of knights and his trademark’s buildings.

Sepe x Chazme x Lump New Mural In Szczecin, Poland

We last heard from the Polish duo Sepe and Chazme last September in Zaragoza (covered).Earlier this month, they teamed up with Lump to paint this brilliant and gigantic piece on the streets of Szczecin, Poland.

Remed, Sepe x Chazme, Etam Crew x SatOne New Murals In Lodz, Poland

Remed Here are the last three amazing pieces that went up for the Fundacja Urban Forms Festival in Poland.These huge walls painted on the streets of Lodz are from Remed, Sepe x Chazme and Etam Crew x SatOne. Sepe x Chazme Etam Crew x SatOne

M-CITY New Mural In Lodz, Poland

It’s been a busy summer for Polish artist M-CITY after Norway (covered), Mexico (covered) or Warsaw (covered), the stencil artist painted this huge piece for the Fundacja Urban Forms festival on the streets of Lodz, Poland.

Kenor New Mural In Lodz, Poland

The Fundacja Urban Forms festival in Lodz, Poland has come to an end, you’ve already seen Aryz piece (Covered) and today we’ll feature the other works.We start the day with Spanish artist Kenor who painted this amazing piece which took several days in the making and the final result is simply brilliant!

Aryz New Mural In Lodz, Poland

You’ve seen the process pics last week and here’s the completed piece by Spanish genius Aryz, he painted this massive piece on the streets of Lodz, Poland for the Fundacja Urban Forms Event. It’s another beautiful addition to Aryz’s long list of insanely huge walls. Thanks to Paweł Połetek for the pics

Aryz New Mural In Progress In Lodz, Poland

Aryz landed in Poland where he’s currently painting this massive piece on the streets of Lodz for the Fundacja Urban Forms. This is soon to be completed so check back with us soon for final pics coz the final piece is gonna be sick.