El Mac paints “Juarense y Poderosa”, a new mural in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

While you discovered his last collaboration with Kofie a few days ago, El Mac also recently stopped by Mexico where he was invited to work on a large new piece somewhere on the streets of Ciudad Juarez which was known in the past as Paso del Norte, and commonly referred to by locals as simply

David Walker paints “The Final”, a new mural in Terracina, Italy for Memorie Urbane ’15

Our friend David Walker is currently in Italy where he was invited by the good lads from Memorie Urbane to work on a large-scale mural.Painting on the streets of Terracina, the British artist quickly worked his way through this signature portrait which is entitled “The Final”. Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes, the

Hopare creates a new mural on Hollywood Road in Hong-Kong

Our friend Hopare is back on the streets of Hong-Kong where he just finished working on a brand new piece.Painting on Hollywood Road, the talented French artist quickly wrapped up this rather small murals in just a few hours. Once again, the result is a beautiful mix of portraiture combined with  abstract shapes and fluid lines.Hit

RONE and Callum Preston collaborate on a new piece in Vanuatu

RONE spent the end of his year in the lovely island of Vanuatu where he teamed up with Callum Preston to work on a new collaboration.The newly formed duo quickly worked their way through this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. We drove past this village and I asked the

RONE paints “Broken Window Theory”, a beautiful portrait in Geelong, Australia

After Miami and Art Basel 2014, RONE is back in Australia where he just finished working on this beautiful piece in Geelong.Entitled “Broken Window Theory”, the Australian street artist quickly worked his way through one of his signature portraits which is sure to enjoyed by the locals.Geelong is an industry city that has had its

RONE paints a massive portrait in Hollywood, Florida

RONE is still in Florida where he just finished working on that fresh new piece somewhere on the streets of Hollywood.The Australian artist was offered a b big blue wall to paint so he decided to keep it tonal, only working in blues. The end result is another fantastic artwork which almost looks like it

Art Basel ’14: RONE paints a beautiful portrait in Wynwood, Miami

Our buddy RONE is also roaming the streets of the lovely Miami where he flew straight from the other side of the world aka Australia to paint for Art Basel 2014.The globe-trotting Melbourne-based artist spent a few hours working on one of his new ladies for the local arty crowd to enjoy. This portrait is

Guido Van Helten paints a new mural in Brisbane, Australia

Guido Van Helten recently stopped by his hometown of South Brisbane in Australia where he was invited to paint for the Pillars Project.As usual with the Australian street artist, he spent a few days working on this stunning monochromatic portrait. The content and theme of the work was based on a collaboration with Historian/Artist and