La Pandilla New Mural In Progress, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Just a few days after his previous mural (covered), Puerto Rican artist Juan Fernandez from La Pandilla is currently working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.La Pandilla’s other half, Alexis Diaz is still working on another mural with New York artist Don Rimx (covered)Check back with us soon

La Pandilla New Mural In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican artists Juan Fernandez and Alexis Diaz, otherwise known as La Pandilla just completed this new piece on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.As usual with La Pandilla, this highly detailed mural was painted using a tedious process with China ink & small/precise paint brush strokes.If you stop by Puerto Rico, this new wall

La Pandilla x Don Rimx New Mural In Progress, Santurce

Our friends from La Pandilla are currently hard at work on this new collaboration with Don Rimx somewhere on the sunny streets of Santurce, Puerto Rico.Using their tiny brushes and Chinese ink to paint this highly detailed elephant, the Puerto Rican duo should be finished in a few days, so, check back with us soon

LA Pandilla New Mural In Progress, Santurce Puerto Rico

After a brilliant stop by Art Basel in Miami a few days ago (covered), LA Pandilla is back home and here are 3 photos from a new mural that showed up yesterday in Santurce in front of their studio and it’s already looking mighty fine.Check back with us soon for the completed piece. Thanks to Yariely