ROA paints a large mural with JustKids in San Juan, Puerto Rico

After several pieces in Vieques, ROA is now in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he spent the last month for his artist residency with JustKids.The Belgian street artist spent a few days working on this brand new mural on the streets of San Juan where he created this hybrid snake passing through some kind of

ROA creates a series of new pieces with JustKids in Vieques, Puerto Rico

While we last heard from him in Townsville, Australia, ROA has now landed in Puerto Rico for his month-long residency at the JustKids studio in San Juan.The Belgian artist was first brought over to the island of Vieques where he worked on two of his lovely skeleton creatures for the locals to enjoy. The end result is

ROA creates a series of new pieces in Townsville, Australia

Our friend ROA recently spent some time in Australia where he was invited by Townville’s city council as part of an interesting initiative to develop street art in the city.After a few days of hard work under the intense heat, the Belgian muralist created three large scale pieces showing some of his adorable monochrome creatures.

ROA creates a new piece in Sadali, Sardinia

Our friend ROA is currently on the beautiful island of Sardnia where he just finished working on yet another powerful piece in the town of Sadali.In town for the Murartista Street Art Festival organized by Look-Out, the Belgian artist quickly worked his way through this monochrome piece showing a boar which is attached to one

A Travelers’s Guide to Chicago’s Street Art & More

If you’re coming to Chicago to paint on walls, be warned. In 2014 the City of Chicago spent almost 5 million dollars on graffiti removal, and over a dozen crews were out on the streets painting over or washing spray paint off of walls. The fines for graffiti related vandalism doubled, first time offenses start

ROA paints a massive Coconut Crab in Papeete, Tahiti

ROA was also in Tahiti where he was invited to paint a new piece on the streets of Papeete for the Ono’U Street Art Festival.Geared with Spray Paint and Acrylic, the Belgian artist quickly worked his way through this signature monochrome artwork showing a giant coconut crab. ROA is now on his way to paint

ROA unveils a massive mural in New York City

Our friend ROA is still in New York City after the successful opening of his exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery where he just finished working on a gigantic piece.It took about a week for the Belgian street artist to create this powerful artwork showing a 140 foot wide walrus’ skeleton. In your face!Hit the jump

Coverage: ROA “Metazoa” Solo Exhibition @ NYC’s Jonathan Levine Gallery

While we last heard from him in Hawaii last February, ROA spent the last few weeks in New York preparing his solo exhibition “Metazoa” at Jonathan Levine Gallery.All of these amazing pieces were created during ROA’s residency at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City which will also bring a brand new mural on a building close