RUN New Mural In London, UK

While we last heard from him last month in Chichester (covered), RUN is back in London where he spent the last two days working on this new piece.The Italian painter delivers a massive swan which is featuring his signature hands imagery.If you stop by East London, you’ll be able to find this one on Holywell

Phlegm x RUN New Mural In Chichester, UK

After their respective solo pieces in Chichester (here and here), Phlegm and RUN also collaborated on this other wall for the Chichester Street Art Festival.The newly formed British-Italian team delivers a sweet new piece featuring the best of both worlds.Keep your eyes peeled on SAN for more new pieces from Phlegm and RUN soon… Pics

RUN New Mural In Chichester, UK

RUN recently completed these sweet new pieces on the streets of Chichester for the Chichester Street Art Festival organised by Street Art London.As usual with the Italian painter, he delivers a beautiful piece featuring his trademark hands and faces combined with some colourful blue birds.Check back with us soon for more street art updates from

RUN New Mural In London, UK

We spent some time with RUN while he was working on this large new piece in London, UK.Painted for the Canals Project, the Italian artist spent two days working on a series of his signature faces.If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find this one in Hackney Whick in front of The

RUN New Murals In Dakar, Senegal

While you discovered his last piece in Gambia earlier this week (covered), RUN also stopped by Senegal where he painted a series of murals in Dakar, the capital and largest city of the country.As usual with the Italian artist, he delivers three superb pieces featuring his signature illustrative style.RUN is now back in Europe so check

RUN New Mural In Sanyang, Gambia

London-based artist RUN recently travelled to Gambia for the excellent Wide Open Walls project.Stopping by Sanyang, on the south west coast of Gambia, the Italian painter dropped another one of his signature faces.Check back with us soon for more updates from RUN in Gambia…

RUN New Murals In Qubaneh, Gambia

After Bufuluto last week (covered), RUN is still in Gambia where he just painted these new pieces in the village of Qubaneh.With this mural of a Centaur, the Italian painter tried to leave a message for the kids :“Enjoy Football but keep your eyes and mind on books. Learn as much as you can, to write,

Run New Mural In Bufuluto, Gambia (Part II)

London based artist RUN has been busy recently painting new murals in Gambia (Part I) including this mural featured here in the village of Bufuluto.In town for the Wide Open Walls project, the Italian painter delivers a lovely piece using his typical expressive style combined with his signature faces.Check back with us soon for more updates!