Invader’s 6th wave of Invasion in New York City

Invader spent the last few days in New York City where he worked his way through his 6th wave of Invasion. After several restless nights, 42 new pieces have just appeared in the Big Apple. This is the most accomplished Invasion ever undertaken in this city, with some space invaders mosaics but also tributes to

Invader unveils a large new invasion in Ravenna, Italy

Our friend Invader recently stopped by the city of Ravenna in Italy where he was invited to work on a large new invasion.Working at the Observatory of Ravenna, the legendary French artist dropped a large piece which is featuring one of his signature space invaders with Spock from Star Trek. Another brilliant piece by Mr

Invader PA_1096 & PA_1097 New Invasions – Paris, France

Space Invader spent his night out on the streets of Paris, France working on this massive “Mona Lisa” invasion. The prolific French artist quickly worked his way through “PA_1097” which might be the start of a cool art series. Earlier this week, he also dropped one of his signature invader’s along Paris’ highway. If you

Invader Invades Hong-Kong (Part I)

Last seen strolling through the Swiss Alps earlier this month (covered), Invader has now landed in Asia where he started working his way through the city of Hong-Kong.Armed with a bunch of mosaic tiles, the French artist already dropped a series of signature pieces in Hong-Kong. The piece on Ladder Street is yet another homage

Invader Invades a Mountain – Anzeres, Switzerland (Part I)

After an underwater invasion in Mexico (covered), a trip to Space (covered) and alternatively invading every major cities around the world, Invader is now 2362 meters up high on the Alps where he started invading a mountain somewhere in Switzerland.Taking a break from Urban landscapes, the elusive French artist is once again pushing the boundaries

Invader New Invasions In Paris – December ’13

Despite the cold weather in Europe, Invader is not slowing down on his everlasting invasion of Paris, France.The mysterious French artist spent his night working in the city of lights where he dropped a series of new tile pieces including this massive Sonic The Hedgehog.Continue reading for extra images on these new pieces and then

Invader New Invasions In Paris – November 2013

Freshly back from New York City with over 25 new invasions (covered), Invader is back in Paris where he spent the last few nights working on a new series of pieces.The elusive French artist dropped two large pieces including a rad Buster Bunny which is sporting an attractive invader T-Shirt.Take a look at more images

Invader New Invasions In Paris, France

Constantly busy on the streets of Paris since more than a decade, Invader has just dropped several new pieces for the enjoyment of local residents.After The Pink Panther (covered), Darth Vader (covered) or Spiderman (covered), this time the elusive French artist pays an homage to the iconic Megaman series!See more pieces below and check back