Stinkfish for Cuma Project in Italy

South American superstar Stinkfish recently spent a few weeks in Italy where he was invited by the Cuma Street Art Project to bring his magic touch. Painting on the streets of Cotignola and Alfonsine, the South American muralist and painter brought to life some his ultra-vibrant portrait-based imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals

Stinkfish unveils new pieces in Toulouse & Paris in France

Our friend Stinkfish just spent a couple weeks in France where he travelled around the country in order to bring his magic to the streets of Toulouse, Lurcy Levis and Paris. The Colombian superstar brought to life some of his signature stencil-based imagery with a series of striking portraits. As usual with Stinkfish, his art pieces

Stinkfish & Zas collaborate in Reillanne, France

Colombian artist Stinfkish recently stopped by Southern France where he collaborated with his friend ZAS on a brand new street art piece in the city of Reillanne. Blending together both of their styles, the Colombian urban art duo once again brought to life a beautiful and vibrant piece of work. Stinkfish is now heading to Vienna

Stinkfish & Empty Boy collaborate in Medellín, Colombia

Stinkfish just returned from the city of Medellin in Colombia where he teamed up with his buddy Empty Boy to create this brand new piece of work. The Colombian all-star duo quickly worked their way through this signature piece blending together Empty Boy’s detailed stencil-based work with Stinkfish’s super vibrant colors and patterns. As usual with

Stinkfish, Himed & Reyben in Queretaro, México

Our friend Stinkfish recently spent some time on the streets of Queretaro in Mexico where he teamed up with Himed & Reyben to work on a new collaboration. Working on a picture that Stinkfish took in Mexico three years ago, Himed and Reyben created an ultra detailed large stencil while the Colombian artist himself added

Stinkfish & Empty Boy collaborate in Bogota

Stinkfish is back in his hometown of Bogota, Colombia where he linked up with his friend Empty boy to work on a new mural. The newly formed duo created this large new piece mixing Stinkfish’s red abstract patterns with Empty Boy’s detailed stencils. The end result pops-up and will surely be enjoyed by the local

Stinkfish in Ottensheim, Austria

Colombian artist Stinkfish just finished painting a large silo in Austria as part of the Calle Libre Street Art Festival. Painting on the streets of Ottensheim, the Colombian artist took over the sky and created one of his inimitable yellow portrait which will surely be looking over the entire city for years to come. Stinkfish is

Stinkfish & Mantra collaborate in Vienna, Austria

Stinkfish is still in Austria where he recently linked up with French artist Mantra to work on a new collaboration in the city of Vienna. The newly formed Urban Contemporary duo created this large and beautiful collaboration featuring Mantra’s hyper-realistic style combined with Stinkfish’s vibrant abstract patterns. The source image comes from a photography that