Stinkfish New Mural – Malmö, Sweden

Globe-trotting artist Stinkfish was recently in Sweden where he was invited to paint a new piece on the streets of Malmö.Using a single layer stencil and spray paint, the Colombian muralist dropped this beautiful portrait and a series of colourful abstract patterns.Continue reading for a detailed look at this piece and then check back with

Faith47 New Mural For ArtScape Festival – Malmo, Sweden

Faith47 is currently in Malmö, Sweden where she was invited to paint for the Artscape Street Art Festival.Painting on the streets of Malmö with other artists like Cyrcle, the South African street artist dropped this signature piece which is showing a young woman with her candle against a gold background that really pops.Continue reading for

Cyrcle “Collapse Part I” New Mural – Malmö, Sweden

Last seen in London last March for their exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery (covered), Cyrcle are now back in Europe where they just wrapped up this new piece on the streets of Malmö, Sweden as part of the Artscape Festival 2014. The piece carries their “OVERTHRONE!” campaign even further.  Expressing an objection to the powers that be.

iNO New Rooftop Piece – Stockholm, Sweden

iNO is currently in Sweden where he just finished working on this new rooftop piece somewhere in Stockholm.These interesting portraits were painted by iNO using a fat cap to create his signature smoky and loose effect.Continue reading for another look at these portraits and stay tuned with your friends at StreetArtNews for something big from

HuskMitNavn New Mural – ‎Linköping‬, Sweden

Danish artist HuskMitNavn recently visited Sweden where he created this large mural in Linköping‬. Known for his clean, cartoon like style, and his witty images, this piece is showing an elderly lady walking a giant dog. Cleverly using up a given surface, and with minimalist color palette, this simple piece is a classic example of his

ROA New Mural In Örebro, Sweden

Globe-trotting painter ROA recently stopped by Northern Europe where he spent three days working in Örebro, Sweden.In town for OpenART 2013, the Belgian artist drops a massive piece which is depicting a Narwhal, a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic.Check out more images after the jump and stick with StreetArtNews for more updates

Sego New Mural In Örebro, Sweden

Sego is currently in Sweden where he just completed this brilliant piece somewhere on the streets of Örebro.As usual, Sego’s work is characterized by the use of organic forms that coexist within his fantasy imagery.His particularity is that he has two distinct and different styles, Sego is the name used for the hyper detailed organic

Faith47 “Who Cannot Pretend? Death. Is A Form Of Art” New Mural In Stockholm, Sweden

South African muralist Faith47 spent a few days in Stockholm for the “Street Smart” group show which opened last week at the Kulturhuset.Last year in Paris, she painted “Nothing Is Made To Last” which was the last Calligraphic piece we saw from her (covered). Luckily for us, she just completed “Who Cannot Pretend? Death. Is A Form