ROA New Mural In Botkyrka, Sweden

ROA was recently in Sweden for his new solo show at the Scarlett Gallery in Stockholm (covered).After a first mural a few weeks ago (covered), the Belgian artist delivers another strong new piece on the streets of Botkyrka.This piece wasn’t painted inside Stockholm due to the city’s zero graffiti tolerance, it wasn’t possible to find

ROA New Installation In Stockholm, Sweden

Last night, ROA unveiled an amazing new installation in an old transformer room that used to be a part of the Stocholm subway system. The Belgian artist painted several of his iconic animals including some of the local fauna. He will be opening a smaller installation today at Scarlett Gallery so check back with us soon for

ROA New Mural In Stockholm, Sweden

Belgian-based artist ROA continues his busy, world traveling year with a new project in Sweden.The street artist just completed this new mural in Stockholm and we can expect several large-scale walls and installations to pop up over the next few weeks.