Os Gemeos in Stockholm, Sweden

Brazilian twins Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo aka Os Gemeos just wrapped up a brand new massive masterpiece somewhere on the streets of Stockholm in Sweden. Os Gemeos began their careers by being involved in spray-painting graffiti in 1987. Slowly but surely they began to gain large recognition in the underground urban scene. As their influence

“Throwing leaves against machines” by Vegan Flava in Sweden

Swedish artist Vegan Flava just sent us some images from his newest piece which was just completed somewhere in Sweden. Entitled “”Throwing leaves against machines”, Vegan Flava painted this out of his deep dissapointment of humanbeigns. How nature is used as an never ending resource. He looks at his kids and get really worried, thinking about what the

Vegan Flava in Örebro, Sweden

Vegan Flava just emailed us a series of images from his latest artwork which was just completed in the city of Orebro in Sweden. The piece was painted for the Örebro Street Art Festiva, a mural art and graffiti festival arranged by the artists collective Bunkern at the CV Plaza located on the fringe of the

“Looking Back” by Jarus in Gothenburg, Sweden

Emmanuel Jarus was also part of this year’s lineup for the ArtScape Festival which took place on the streets of Gothenburg in Sweden. The Canadian street artist was given a super-sized wall in Gothenburg to express his creativity. The end-result is beautiful and shows an hyper-realistic blond lady, the piece itself is entitled “Looking Back”. Painted

“Emma” by RONE in Gothenburg, Sweden

RONE just finished working on what is now the tallest mural of Sweden on the streets of Gothenburg for the ArtScape Festival. Entitled “Emma”, the Australian artist created this beautiful monochrome portrait of a local young chef. Specializing with painting portraits on wall, RONE has been beautifying the streets all over the world with his

“A Million Years Lost In A Moment” by Vegan Flava in Trollhättan, Sweden

Vegan Flava just sent us some images from his latest mural which was recently completed somewhere on the streets of Trollhättan, Sweden. The Swedish artist brought to life some of his signature skull imagery with an artwork entitled “A Million Years Lost In A Moment”. The piece was created to raise awareness about the urgency for everyone to

“Coexistence” by Hyuro in Trollhattam, Sweden

Hyuro just came back from Sweden where she just finished working on this new piece for the Trollhatan Street Art Festival curated by Ekta Ekta. This wall entitled “Coexistence” is located in Trollhattan town, Southwest of Sweden. In October 2015 a 21 years old Swedish man attacked some children with a sword in a school. One

“Measure The Immeasurableness”, a new mural by DALeast in Boras, Sweden

DALeast recently spent some time in Sweden where he was invited by the good lads from No Limit Boras to work his magic in their town.After a few days of work, the talented Chinese artist created this spectacular piece which is entitled “Measure The Immeasurableness”. Using his signature technique, DALeast created this dynamic image of