BiP on Ice Cream Truck in Oakland

BiP — or “Believe in People” — recently stopped by Oakland in California where he spent a few hours working on a new artwork. Painting on an unusual canvas with this Ice Cream truck. the artist created some of his signature hyper-realistic imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for months to come.

Mygalo creates new pieces on the streets of Paris, France

Constantly active on the streets of Paris, Mygalo has been rather busy with a brand new series of artworks which popped up all over the city of lights. These new pieces shows his obsession around the color Blue. In this series he talks about addictions, sex or racism. His topics relates to our society and

Jerkface paints “The Donut Mobile” in Queens, New York

Constantly busy on the streets of New York City, Jerkface is back with another Simpsons-themed piece entitled “The Donut Mobile” which he recently completed in Queens.As usual with the popular American street artist, his work is a mix between childhood characters and pop icons, his bold color and clean lines are guaranteed to put a

Mygalo 2000 brings a new series of pieces to the streets of Paris, France

Just before leaving for South America where he’s currently taking over the Brazilian streets of Rio De Janeiro, Mygalo 2000 spent some time on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France.Specializing in painting on trucks and abandoned spots, the French artist has been one of the most prolific artist in France for the past