“Ten-Cai Vilu” by UnoNueve in Mexico

Chilean artist UnoNueve just sent us some images from his newest mural “Ten-Cai Vilu” painted for the Constructo Festival in Mexico. Tenten-Vilu and Caicai-Vilu are mythological creatures from the Mapuche mythology. Both are powerful beings shaped like mythical serpents, Caicai-Vilu is the “sea serpent” which is able to harness the power of the sea and everything related

Gleo & UnoNueve collaborate on a new mural in Mexico City

Chilean artists Gleo and UnoNueve recently teamed up to work on a new collaboration on the streets of Mexico City.In town for the Constructo Street Art Festival, the newly formed duo quickly worked their magic on this long mural which is now featuring two of their surreal and vibrant creatures. A beautiful new sight for