Vhils’ Orangutan in Indonesia for Splash and Burn

Vhils recently spent some time in Indonesia where he was invited by the Splash and Burn project which highlights critical ecological issues in South-East asia. The world is not taking the time to consider how to move forward, there is no effort to reflect on the real impact of decisions. For this project what I

Broken Fingaz x U2

One week ago, Haifa’s Broken Fingaz Crew got a call from Universal, saying U2 wanted them to create an animated video of the lyrics for their new song ‘American Soul’, with an intro by Kendrick Lamar. 7 days later, they made this stop-motion film, filmed in Haifa, London and Rajasthan… It’s a pretty solid effort for

Street artists paint the walls of the new Miami Dolphins stadium

Over the last 10 months the newly formed curatorial company, Goldman Global Arts, has been working side by side with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins to place artwork, specifically murals, inside their completely refurbished Hard Rock Stadium. The project began with Case Maclaim, Pose, and The London Police painting around the time of Art Basel last

Several new pieces by Vhils in Hong-Kong

While he spent the last few weeks in Hong-Kong preparing for his solo exhibition “Debris”, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils just unveiled a series of new street pieces. Featuring his signature technique of cutting through multiple layers of posters to create images, the Portuguese artist brought a new life to the walls of Hong-Kong with these

Vhils newest portrait in Hong-Kong

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is spending some time in Asia where he’s currently working on several new interesting projects in Hong-Kong.  Breaking away from the studio work, the Portuguese street artist and his crew created this beautiful portrait of a young Asian lady in the city’s center. Using his signature technique of chipping away from

Unexpected ’15: Vhils unveils a new mural in Fort Smith, Arkansas

After ROA, Vhils is the second artist to complete his mural in Downtown Fort Smith for the first edition of the excellent Unexpected Street Art Festival which is curated by JustKids.In town with his team, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils used his unique excavating process of chipping away at the wall to create this striking portrait.

Unexpected ’15: Work in progress by Vhils in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Vhils and his crew are also in Fort Smith, Arkansas where they’ve been working on a new piece for the first edition of the Unexpected Street Art Festival.The popular Portuguese street artist sketched out the portrait of an old indian woman which is now being turned into one of his signature chiseled artworks. This should

Vhils unveils a new piece in Loures, Portugal

Vhils is back in Portugal where he just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Loures, a city in the central Portuguese Grande Lisboa Subregion.This collective piece was realized with the participation of the community from its conception to its end creation. The artwork features several collage elements and some signature