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We’ve recently been browsing Saatchi online for a simple way to buy art online – a useful resource discovering new artists and buying art online. Whilst the site doesn’t currently host any pieces from street artists, it’s certainly worth checking out for some of the quirky paintings they have on offer. Here are a few of our favourite pieces currently available in their collection:

One very confused Spring: copyright Yuliya Vladkozska (Italy) ©Yuliya Vladkozska
Born in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, Yulia Vladkozska now lives and works in Bergamo, Italy having achieved a degree in Mathematics from the University of Ukraine. As well as producing some vibrant and inspiring pieces like the one above, the talented artist has also worked for the BMW research and innovation centre, and for one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Silicon Valley. Her pieces aim to create the feeling of positivity through bright colours and captivating subject matters.

Follow Yuliya on Pinterest and Facebook, and find more of her pieces in her saatchi profile right here:

The Deeper you Go, the Higher you Fly; the Higher you Fly, the Deeper you Go, So Come On: ©Carl Dimitri
This is just one of a few collage-style pieces from the American artist Carl Dimitri, although his painting are definitely worth checking out too. His work tends to be raw and expressionistic, incorporating satire. He is inspired by the likes of Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Van Gogh, Basquiat, Cezanne.

Nude: Copyright Giorgi Chxeo (Georgia) ©Giorgi Chxeo
Probably our favourite piece on Saatchi at the moment is this stunning nude from Giorgi Chxeo, based in Georgia. Whilst his portfolio boasts an impressive array of abstract and city scene paintings, it’s his portraits that really stand out to us. Browse more in his Saatchi profile here:

These are just three recommendations from us but check out Saatchi Online for yourself to find even more inspiring artists and pieces.

Rom Levy

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