15 Striking Animal Street Art Murals

The animal kingdom have been a source of inspiration for many artists. Through reintroducing nature with the urban landscape, we get to rediscover our environment. From raising awareness about animal rights to just simply appreciating the beauty of the creatures, there are a lot of themes found in animal-inspired street art. Whether it is a whimsical

The 10 most popular Street Art pieces of May 2017

1. Banksy – Dover, UK Bringing back one of StreetArtNews’ tradition, it’s time to unveil the ten most popular street art pieces around the world for the month of May 2017. The Ranking is created by our readers as it’s uniquely based on our web server’s unique page views. Ranking number one for May 2017 is

The 10 most popular Street Art pieces of July & August 2016

  July & August have been busy in the Urban Art world with hundreds of new pieces popping up thanks to the clement weather. Ranking first this month is French artist JR with one of his impressive installations that were created for the 2016 Olympic games that took place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He’s closely

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of April 2016

April was a prolific month for Street Art murals and Installations which spawned all over the world with some pretty interesting works. The first spot for April goes to Pøbel and his “Mute Trump” stencil that was illegally painted on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Runner up is our friend Biancoshock and his conceptual work

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of March 2016

After a short break, its time to resume our always highly-anticipated monthly ranking for the ten most popular Street Art pieces of March 2016. As usual, this ranking is solely generated by our readers and the page views recorded on our server. Taking the first spot this month is a brilliant piece by the Italian superstar

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2015

1. Banksy – Palestine   We kick off this new year with a retrospective featuring the most popular street art pieces from 2015. As usual this ranking is generated solely by our users and the pages you visited. With little to no surprise, Banksy once again takes the crown with a very powerful piece that was painted

The 10 most popular Street Art pieces of November 2015

November was a prolific month for street art with several impressive pieces appearing all around the world. We’ve compiled the most read articles on StreetArtNews to create this month’s top 10. Ranking first for November is Sean Yoro aka The Hula whom once again created his piece using an unconventional white canvas surrounded by water, peaceful and poetic! Seth

The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces Of October 2015

1. Blu – Italy It’s finally the time of the month which marks the release of our popular Street Art Top 10 ranking for October 2015.Taking the first spot this time around is a fantastic piece by the Italian Maestro Blu which gave us his dark vision of the world’s evolution. Number 2 is a