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Miron Milic paints a large mural in Ljubljana, Slovenia

March 5, 2015
1 min read
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Miron Milic recently spent couple of days in Ljubljana, battling the cold weather and working his way through this impressive new mural. Organized through Kino Šiška as a part of their Mural Arts program it took him almost 10 days to finish this striking piece.
Using a paint brush as a pen brush, his primary weapon of choice, Croatian illustrator and artist created a signature piece that looks like a blown up illustration from an old book. Known for using facade of a building as a blank paper, Miron draw a detailed image of an indoor garden, filled with exotic plants, palm trees and bushes. Without any background, any extra effects, just using his peculiar line work, Zagreb-based artist created a landmark piece at the Vodnik Square, in the very center of Slovenian capital.
Check out more photos after the jump and come back soon from more updates on street art related news from Eastern Europe region.

Photos by Mique Multipraktik

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